Wife got drunk on vacation

After a year and a half of COVID, my wife and finally went on vacation. On the second night, we went to a local club and both of us got a little drunk. I watched my wife on the dance floor with this other guy. They were grinding on eachother and he was grabbing her tits and ass. I could tell she liked all the attention, because she was laughing and acting like a little girl. I was drunk and horny, so her actions were turning me on too. It was about 2AM when I asked if she was ready to leave. She responded with a little whining about wanting to stay long. I commented that she would be leaving if her boyfriend on the dancefloor was taking her back to his place for a fuck. She retorted saying that wasn't true. I said oh really, how about we take him back to our room and you can fuck him In front of me. How quickly she accepted. A short time later we we back in our room with this guy, and he was between my wife's legs eating her pussy. I sat in the corner and stroked my dick while my wife proceeded to push this guy on the bed and jump on top of him. Then I watched as she rode him to orgasm. The next morning she couldn't believe she fucked another guy in front of me.

3 months ago


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    • Marriage is about having fun together too. Good for y’all.

    • Pro tip, she's not yours anymore you pathetic loser

    • Slut wives make the World go round! Send her my way!

    • True

    • She gonna do more now too. Even back home she’ll do it. The town will know she’s a whore now

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