Wife Doing “Manzillions”

My wife, who is is 38, fit and attractive, became a license esthetician about 5 years ago. She has been doing waxing hair removal exclusively. Until last year her salon did only catered to women, but last year opened up to doing men’s backs, chest, arms, stomach, but no Brazilians or butts for men. About 3 months ago my wife told me that she had been trained to do male Brazilians or Manzillions. This means waxing their shaft and scrotum and even their butt cracks. I was shocked.

It’s not sexual and can in fact be pretty painful. But guys being guys, she has admitted that some them had gotten hard in the process. She has to hold their cocks for several minutes while applying and then stripping the wax. She does the same with their balls. She swears none of them have cum and it’s not sexual for her at all, just work.

Really? Holding an erect cock then rubbing lotion on it and his balls when done?

On one hand I am very nervous about this, on the other, I find myself getting hard at the thought of my wife holding and moving around various strange men’s cocks. If they see her about town they will think “ooh…that women was holding my cock last week!”

Should I be upset?

Jul 9
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    • Bet she comes home horny as hell, take advantage of it. If she wanks a few here and there, so be it. He'll ask her to let you watch from a hidden camera!

    • Hah. I get waxed about every 6-8 weeks. Stomach, back, neck etc. I get the “shaft and scrotum” option a few times a year.

      My waxer is about 30, Ebony, petite and pretty. I am 50. I take a viagra before I go. I get so hard that sometimes my boner knows that paper towel off and exposes me even while she is still doing my stomach. When she holds or moves my boner or balls I get rock hard. I have never cum, but believe me, seeing her hands gripping my dick gives me great pleasure. I go more for that than the actual hair removal.

      Your wife’s business will grow as big as a man’s duck does!

    • I bet some of them cum and she is not saying? Who has a hardon while their balls and dick are being handled and then gets lotion rubbed in by an attractive woman and does not ejaculate?

      Do the math. If she only does two/week, that’s 100 sucks in your wife’s hands each year. If the happy ending tip is something like $50, that’s $5k/year extra. Sweet! And I bet she feels flattered making younger guys cum like that.

    • Back in my early 20s, I worked part-time as a licensed masseuse in the LA area for almost 5 years. I couldn't tell you how many freakish penises I gave 'therapy' until they reached a 'happy ending'. lol.
      I remained faithful to my husband and he was aware that was part of my job.
      We both also knew that I was making serious money while having fun in the process.
      As a bonus, he got to enjoy hearing how my day was and enjoy the benefits of my arousal in the bedroom later.
      You might ask, were the men respectful? YES!
      Was there inappropriate touching? NO. The most was an occasional butt squeeze that was harmless and VERY welcome! After all I had both my hands on the guy's penis!
      Did I feel forced at any point? NO
      Did I enjoy my job? LOVED IT!

      Changed careers when hubby got transferred to Arizona. Much different cliental in Phoenix.

    • I get happy ending massages regularly. You did God’s work!

      I did some math: $50 tip 4/day x 5 days/week = $1,000 week cash, $52k/year tax free.

      I wish my wife would do that!

    • Thank you. That seems similar to what my wife is doing. She hasn’t said that she has fun holding their hard cocks but, I guess if she is, no harm as long as she doesn’t have sex with them. I believe some of them must cum. Rubbing moisturizer on a stiff dick is bound to do that. But like you said, maybe I will get the benefit at night.

      BTW, she also does butts. They kneel on the table on their forearms and she applies the warm wax all the way in before stripping it off. She says that usually makes them go from flaccid to hard in aboutn30 seconds.

    • None of them men should ejaculate but if your wife is attractive it’s very normal for them to become erect. Only danger is if your wife finds one that turns her on

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