Cant control it

I am a 55 male married to a bbw wife 51. Like a lot of guys I loved her slutty past and wanted her to continue. She is very flirty and I have told her countless times that I want her to have fun with other men as long as she tell me every detail. What she doesn't know is that when she calls me and told me she was flirting with this guy or that guy, it makes me very horny for cock. She called me one afternoon say she met a guy for lunch in her car and that they made out like teenagers. She explained in detail how she opened her top and he sucked her huge tits for a min before he nudged her head to his cock and she sucked him for a long time, she's very good and can make it last. I was so turned on after she hung up that I went to a known cruising area and found an old man to suck off. She was playing with a man at her work and told me to meet her after so we could fuck in the car, she was so horny. I was crazy with lust that I found a man and sucked him dry then met with her 15 minutes later and fucked her like crazy. Her big titties and squirting pussy really turn me on. She always tells me in detail all of the affairs she had when she was married to her ex. Even her friend verified these stories as she used to set my wife up on blind dates while still married. I love her stories but even fucking her I imagine me being the sub to a man. It is almost at the point now that I can't stay hard unless I'm thinking about sucking a cock or kissing or fucking with another man. I guess I want to be doing all the things that she does

3 months ago

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    • I learned that my wife was cheating so I went to a porn place and sucked a trannys big dick until "she" came in my mouth. Then when I got home I kissed her.

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