Is it weird that I.........

Masterbate to sex videos of me and my wife fucking?

No we are not divorced. Yes she is still alive. Yes we still live with eachother. Yes we still have sex at least twice a week.

A female friend of mine says that's not normal. She says if my wife was satisfying me, I wouldn't need to masterbate.

3 months ago

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    • I have a primary, secondary, and occasional sex partners(all women). I masturbate all the time. You are at least masturbating to your own “body of work”. Being sexually satisfied by someone doesnt mean you abandon self love. Your wife probably masturbates as well. As for your female friend,, she is totally wrong.

    • She is correct your just one queer prick.

    • Sounds as if she's more criticizing your wife than you. Suggesting that if your wife gave you more sex then you wouldn't be jerking off. I guess is that she wants you herself. As for watching yourself on video, it sounds good to me!

    • Fuck your friend she's full of shit. You love your wife and people wack off. Your friends an unhappy piece of shit

    • Often we do mutual masturbation. Again for longer fuck sessions I masturbate about half an hour or so before I go to join her - and dig her cunt for more than half an hour!

    • He'll my wife loves to watch me masturbate. And after I cum we have the best sex. Nothing wrong with pleasuring yourself.

    • Your female friend is a bitch.

    • You can have the best sex ever but you may still want to jack off, why not , still give your wife what she needs respond to this with with your email address, we ca talk about this

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