Pitching a deal

We won! I pitched a hell of a game, if I do say so myself, giving up only one run on five hits and two walks over seven innings. My mom was there, though my dad had to work and missed the game, again. She was a cheerleader for my very own rooting section. When we got home from the game, I was so excited by our win that I was bouncing off the walls. I would be going to the college of my choice very likely.

"I don't think I've seen you this happy," my mom said. She too was caught up in all my excitement.

I ran up to her, put my arms under her butt, lifted her up in the air, and gave her a kiss, right on the lips. I started to put her down, but instead set her on the kitchen counter. I was between her legs and she had her arms around my neck.

"Josh, I..." She eased her arms from my neck and started to talk but I cut her off.

"Let's celebrate!"

"What do you want to do?" She laughed nervously.

"I don't know, but I've got to do something or I'm going to burst."

"I could go to the store and get a cake..."

"No, I need to something to release all of this pent up energy."

Giving me a mock questioning look, "What did you have in mind?"

"I don't know. What can we do together where I could release all of this tension?"

"Is this about my search history that you shouldn't have been looking at?" She asked looking at me from the corner of her eye.

"I just need some kind of release mom, just like in the taboo videos you have been watching."

"Yeah I bet you do, and you think I'm going to release it for you?"

I knew from the first moment my eyes lit upon her earlier in the morning that she was going braless. Her tits just moved so naturally under all of that spandex.

I stood up tall and ran my hands up the sides of her torso and over that silky material. When they got even with her breasts, I extended my thumbs and lightly brushed them over her nipples.

"What are you doing?" She asked with a light smile." Aren't you being just a little presumptuous young man?"

She just turned her head and bit her lip. That was my cue, before she could change her mind my hands went under her top and I started to push the material up. Her hands were quick to hold me off, but I was still able to push the material up and over those splendid mounds of hers.

God they were amazing, sticking right out there for me with the prettiest pink nipples that were erect and calling to be paid attention to.

"Holy shit!" She said and breathed in hard. You must be very horny."

"You are just so beautiful."

"Yeah, you just want me to release your tension."

I bent towards her, ran my fingers over her now exposed tits, and my wet lips up the nape of her neck.

"Last night's oral sex was a onetime thing," she said, but I could see her pussy was dripping.

"I don't want to do what we did last night," I said leering at her.

"You don't?" She asked with a bit of disappointment in her voice, as she mindlessly let me pull her top over her head.

"No. I want to do much more."

"Oh you little shit," she said playfully.

"This is just so you can release some tension, right?"

"I want us both to release some tension."

"This isn't supposed to be for me. This is for you."

"Yeah, but I can't release all my tension unless I know you are releasing tension too, mom."

"Oh God. Okay. I can never say no to you.

I placed my hand on the elastic of her shorts and pulled them off. She smiled at me and I moved my hand up to the front of her crotch, she wasn't wearing any panties either.

"You're taking advantage of me."

"I know."

"Remember, I'm doing this only for your tension."

"I can give you oral sex again, okay?"



"Not today, mom."

"But baby."

"I need to fuck you."

"Holy Shit!"

"I can't help it. You're just too sexy."

"And you're full of shit."

"No I'm not. You have a body that needs to be fucked and fucked often."

"And I guess you think you're the man to do it?"

"I know I'm the man to do it," I said, taking in her tempting body from her face to her toes.

As she sat naked on the kitchen counter, her snatch, cleanly shaven, her lips clearly visible. The look on her face must have mirrored mine, because it was one of pure wonton lust. Though she would never admit it to herself, she wanted this as much as I did. I did short work of ripping off my tee shirt and then my shorts, and now I was naked in front of her.

"Why am I so lucky?"

"I told you. You have a body made to be fucked."

"And you're going to fuck me?"


"Oh God!"

I guided my hard cock to her opening. I looked down to see the head of my cock entering my mother's vagina.

"Uhhhh," she moaned as I entered her, and then I felt that unmistakable feeling as her pussy wrapped around my cock.

"Oh God! That feels so good," I moaned.

I looked down to catch a glimpse of this perfect, voluptuous body that my mother had. I had a hand on each of her breasts, and just the look and feel of her womanly body entranced me. I never felt this way with any other girl.

I pushed in deeper, abandoning any sense of gentleness. I wanted to fuck her, and fuck her hard.

"Uh Josh!" She grunted. "Slow down. I'm not ready."

"Sorry mom."

"It's okay honey. I know you're anxious."

"Is this better?" I asked as I slowly penetrated her."

"Oh yeah. much better." I was all the way in her now, and paused to savor it, savor the way she looked, the way she felt.

"Don't stop baby. Give it to me."

I started to rock my hips, slowly at first, but I was soon slamming into her trying to get as deep as I could.

"That's it baby," she said as she rocked her hips in rhythm with mine.

She lay back and splayed out on the counter, so I brought her legs up and spread them as far as they would go, a hand at each ankle.

"Easy honey; I'm not twenty anymore."

I loved fucking her. At first I felt depraved wanting to fuck my own mother, but by this time, the look of her curvaceous body and the feel of being inside of her erased any sense of morals I had left.

"Pull me up," she said as she started to sit up. I let her legs go and she quickly wrapped those legs around me, put her arms around my neck, drew me in, and then kissed me. Her body seemed on fire as she held me tight and sucked on my tongue.

"Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm," she moaned as I pounded into her, encouraged by the fact that I could tell she was close to having an orgasm. She might have started out doing this for me, but now she was definitely doing this for herself too.

I couldn't help it, I was so turned on by it all that my mind went blank and I could only feel that intense, total joy in my cock.

Sensing that I too would be coming soon, she pulled me even tighter as if she was trying not to lose one precious drop of my semen. Our moans didn't stop until we were both done coming together.

"You came in me?" She said as we were wrapped exhausted in each other's arms.


"Jesus, Josh, are you looking to get me pregnant?" At first I thought she was mad, but she sounded more exasperated than pissed.

"I'm sorry mom. I figured you were on the pill or something." I didn't understand it. She certainly didn't give me any chance to pull out.

"No. Your dad is fixed. Jesus!"

"You were holding me so tight, I couldn't have pulled out even if I wanted to."

"It's okay," she said. She must have thought that I was upset. "I don't think it's prime time for me now, but we've got to be more careful next time. I'll get on some kind of contraception right away"

I was still inside of her, still hard, she still had her arms and legs wrapped around me.

"What do you think?" she said smiling shyly at me. "Now that you've gotten it, do you think we can stop?"

"I know I can't. Not when I'm seeing that body of yours every day. I think you liked our fucking too mom, didn't you?"

"I came, didn't I?"

"Yeah, it felt like you came pretty good."

My God, she said as she shifted on the counter. "How much did you come in me? I'm leaking buckets."

"Sorry," I said, though I wasn't being apologetic. "God, I want to fuck you again." She just felt so good.

"Josh," she said tolerantly. "You can't be ready yet?"

"I don't know," I said as I started to pump into her again.

"Oh Jesus, you are going to be the death of me."

"Fucked to death by your own son," I said chuckling.

"How did this all happen?"

"It's because I needed relief."

"I guess you didn't get enough?"

"I need a little more, and you love my cock anyway."

"I do, God help me," she said as she closed her eyes and started to arch her back. "I love it inside me."

3 months ago

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    • Get this fact over 97% of incest involves a child!
1st. Father and daughter severely underaged!

2nd. Father and son severely underaged!

3rd. Adult male family member Grandfather, uncle, step parent involving a severely underage female child followed by a male child.

4th. Male sibling usually 5 plus years on the underage female child followed by a male child.
      Sibling experimentation is very rare except if one of the siblings is exposed to s** like being molested.

5th female adult incest with underage male child followed by female child

      6th Female sibling usually 7 years or more on underage male child followed by female child!
      Once again Sibling experimentation is very rare except if one of the siblings is exposed to sex like being molested.

Last and very very rare is mother or with underage male child followed by female child.

Child victims of incest, 25.6% of them had attempted suicide, 52.0% had suicidal ideation, and 23.6% have killed themself's! Major depressive disorder was the most common psychiatric diagnosis.


The remaining incest is adult incest involving adults is the lowest part of incest happening! Adult incest has its consequences to! 
Regret being number one especially if drugs or alcohol are involver at the time. Incest between adults have led to suicide or homicide mainly from fear of being caught! Mental conditions that range from suicide to homicide are part of incest.


Then there is pregnancy from incest! That too has caused murder because of false love syndrome. With a normal birth defect rate of around 4%, In non direct incest it jumps to 7% rate. In direct incest the birth defect rate skyrockets to 42%! Direct incest is incest between parents or grandparents-sibling s**. Non direct incest is 1st cousins and lower down the family tree.

      SO fuck you dude Hope you get cancer and die a slow and extremely painfull death ☠️!

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