Shingles tab, leave on or remove

It's funny how professional roofers a d others will say the plastic tab on the back of shingles shouldn't be removed before installation. That plastic tab is there to prevent shingles from sticking together in the bundle, but on the roof, they need to stick together. So what makes anyone think the tab shouldn't be removed? Except for a bunch a lazy ass roofers who don't want your shingles to stay in place. I investigated and also found they claim the heat dissolves the plastic tab, so no need to remove it because the sun heats the roof after installation. Except wouldn't those same shingles be sitting in bundles exposed to the heat and sun before installation. Stands to reason, they would come out of the package stuck together. The fact is professional roofers don't want to take the time peeling those tabs, nor do they want your roof to last very long, not good for their business. So they have convinced everyone the tab doesn't need to be removed. Peel the fucking tab people, your roof will last longer if they do.

3 months ago


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    • I hope you never get the shingles. Or, the tabs, either.

    • You sound like someone needs to peel your tab.

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