Young Adult Mississippi Teen Will Have My MIXED RACE CHILD

First of all please forgive any bad punctuation and grammar.

When we boarded the Amtrak Sunset and headed to Florida for a visit to Walt Disney World before taking the same train the other direction back to California. It was just like the beginning credits of that old "In The Heat of The Night" TV Series.

I don't care if I piss off White Right-Wing Republican types BOTH in The Old South / Midwest and or ANYWHERE ELSE throughout The Country. Including the rest of the World for that matter considering The Dictator Nationalist types puking racist / classist shit from their mouths recently. My horny Teen is also a good Manga and Cartoon Artist so she drew me one of P-U-T-I-N & T-R-U-M-P happily doing the "69 Position" with one another and "swallowing each other's load" !

I met a red headed Black Girl with High Yellow Skin who looks just like Misty from Pokémon. She now has a Cosplay Outfit I ordered for her so she can really look the part. Yes, I dress up as all different versions of Ash (Satoshi) Ketchum both for fun and Pregnancy Risk Sex ! That's when she's not wearing her older faded blue or brand new Hickory Striped Key Imperial Bib Overalls. That are already beginning to structure her ever growing pregnant belly pressing snugly against said Overall's Bib. Said young skinny lanky girls when pregnant wearing classic American Work Bib Overalls are always so cute.

Well that's about it nothing too weird just a Lefty White Boy with his Black Girlfriend having a bevy of mixed race children all out of wedlock just to piss off Fundamentalist Christian's. We're not Athiest's by any means but, also don't like the way Right-Wing White Christian's or rather those who CALL THEMSELVES SUCH behave. Plus, with all the restrictions Fundi White Christian's have attempted to put and wish to continue to put on Women and young girls alike in a Red State like Mississippi, Florida, and Idaho to name a few. We decided to HAVE OUR FAMILY IN CLASSIST BUT, THANK GOD NOT RACIST CALIFORNIA! We'll deal with that dirty filthy classism in due course !

I'm certain this very cute and simple life experience will anger and frustrate some but, FUCK THEM and not in the enjoyable way I do with my lover !

1 month ago

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    • When did join Antifa you moronic idiot ?

    • You sound retarded and you are the fixated racist, trigger boy.

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