Pleasing Great Grandma

The thought of pleasing a great grand mother never crossed my mind. Yes the thought of pleasing my mother and dad's mother has crossed my mind. Dad's mom breasts swing about and I fantasize her smothering me with those jugs, but doing a very old lady lady like my great grandma is disgusting but I found out that they can give you an orgasm you'll remember.
Great grandma is a skinny old bitch with no tits and flat ass. Whenever she put on a family dinner she seemed to give me excessive attention and touch me where a granny shouldn't touch. It was strange to get felt up around family.
Mom gave me some fruit that she over bought to take to great grandma. Granny set some in a bowl on he coffee and sat close to me on the couch. She was acting weird. She kissed me and thanked me for dropping off the fruit rubbing her hand on my leg. She pealed a banana and lean back on the couch and made erotic gestures with her tongue and hand before taking a bite. "Are you getting the hint? " "Yeah! but I'm not interested in a woman your age." I told her. She told me some women her age has needs and want to be used. She unzipped me and placed her hand in there squeezing my balls and limp dick. I got up to leave. This was too strange being seduced by someone as old as her and related.
She pulled down my pants as I stood up and tried to blow me. "Don't want your great grandma to suck you off?" She removed her clothes off except the thigh high stockings, exposing her hairy bush that hasn't gone grey for me to see and her nipples. Her bush turned me on and my guilt left me making my cock ridged. I let her suck my dick while I played with her nipples. She leaned back on the couch holding her legs up exposing that hairy snatch to me. "Ready hun? " I guided my shaft in her and started pounding her good. She started to get wet and began to get verbal asking me not to stop. Never expected to please my great grandmother like a slut. I didn't want to shoot my load in her. Instead I pulled out and covered her snatch and flat chest with my cum.
The only other time I pleased her was at Christmas time when she joined in when while I was pleasing her daughter, my mom's mother.

3 months ago

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    • I'm not into incest or incest stories but this one is pretty erotic. The main point here is, when it comes to sex, it isn't about age or looks. It's about intent, and what kind of imagination and expertise the partner has.

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