Doing Someone's Grandmother

I can't believe I'm doing sex with someones grandmother or great grandmother. It may be because I'm young with an endowment, have stamina and can please her very well. She turns me on with her nice looking thick body with young looking round breasts, tasty hairy snatch and cum sucking mouth and enjoys my dirty talk to her.
I'm glad I moved in that apartment complex. I found someone that I could fuck with now and then and release my sexual urges. I met her while walking the stairway. Her tits and has looked hot to me. A few weeks after moving in that complex she asked me if I would be interested in trying out her cooking. Her apartment was next door to mine's. One early morning I spotted her on her sun deck in her nightie with the sun exposing what she has under that gown. I was on my deck in my boxers and got an erection from looking at her. I quickly went in my apartment hoping she didn't see my cock poking out.
I accepted in trying out her cooking skills. After eating and exchanging conversation between us. She sat next to me and handed me a glass of wine to sip on to complement the meal. She put her glass down and leaned into me, kissing me and grabbing my privates while I downed blouse her. I thought to myself that this old gal wants something from me. I took a chance and unzipped myself so she fell my privates better. I felt her hand pulling on my shaft. We started kissing each other hard and tried to remove each other's clothing. Then when seeing her full breasts exposed, I really got turned on and she leaned back and let me insert my dick in them. They was big a round as she held them and said that I was unbelievable hung. " Something for grandma to enjoy! " I laughed. "Put it in grandma's mouth for me to please. I would enjoy being your real grandma who gets pleased by you." she tells me smiling.
I reached back sticking my fingers in her cunt, and felt she was wet there. I knew it was time to put my shaft in her neglect hole. She held her boobs and started to moan and said "Keep going, feed grandma, you nasty dirty boy! " I kept pounding her and then removed my dick out of her , shooting a big load all over her snatch.
"You know you found a toy boy next door and he's willing to please someone's grandmother any time. " I told her as I rubbed my cock over her erected thick nipples on her fantastic tits.

11 months ago

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    • We older women enjoy sucking the cum out for needy guys

    • She should have sucked your cum out

    • Is she a 40 year old granny or an 80 year old granny ?..... Asking for a friend.

    • I would love to see a well hung guy give my grandmother a real good fucking, she is stacked and pretty, she won't let me fuck her , I get to see her nude a lot , makes for good jacking off, would like to see her get a big dick, I've been trying to figure out a way of doing this but so far she says no to me watching her fuck.

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