Tyler's Granny

My friend Tyler spends a lot of time with his Granny, and tells me she's a very special woman. Two days ago he invited me to go with him when he went to visit her. At first I wasn't interested but when he said I's never forget it, he got my attention.

When we got there I was introduced to this 85 year old woman who actually looked good for her age, especially her chest. We sat and talked for awhile, mostly about school and our future plans and when the conversation paused for a couple minutes Tyler walked over to his Granny and put a hand into her blouse and started feeling up her tits. My cock sprang to life and when he motioned for me to come to him I hurried over and sent a hand to explore those melons. It was awesome! Only the second pair of tits I ever had in my hand and they were fucking huge! The other tits belonged to my aunt and whenever her and mom get drunk together I wait until they go to bed then I go to my aunt, get her tits out and jerk off on them.

Tyler was first to pull his cock out and as soon as he turned her head she opened her mouth and started to suck on it. I watched until he shot his load of cum into her mouth, which she swallowed, then he turned her head to face my cock and she eagerly started sucking my throbbing cock. A few minutes later I was thrusting my cock into her mouth while shooting my load.

A few minutes later, while we were squeezing her melons she stood up, lifted her dress and laid on the couch. She had no underwear on and I couldn't believe I was looking at a real cunt. Tyler was already hard again and after he took his pants off he got between her legs and I watched as his cock went into her cunt. The old woman gasped a couple times then seemed to relax while Tyler started pounding in and out of her. I was watching Tyler's cock drive and and out of her from the end of the couch until he came in her cunt. When he was done he wiped his cock across her mouth and she licked it. Before he was done I got between he legs, drove my cock into her and set to pounding her as fast and hard as I could. She grunted with every thrust into her until I emptied my balls into her cunt. I put my cock in her mouth and she immediately started sucking on it. My cock stayed hard and soon I was fucking her mouth, and it was so awesome! Then Tyler pushed back into her cunt and started fucking her again.

I have jerked a lot of cum out of my cock but that never felt as good as pumping it into a woman. Me and Tyler helped her to bed then went home. He was right, I will never forget going with him and he says we can go more if we want Of course I want!!!

3 months ago


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    • I hope the cocks did glide in smoothly pushing her cervix down to the end of her womb. However, it reminds me of my vacation job in a farm where I fucked a cow in heat couple of times. The cunt was too warm, too slippery and too smooth...would never forget the experience!

    • To make it a full day you should have turned around except your buddies cock you could have let him come in your mouth and in turn you could have stood up and let him suck on your cock I had a real good party I love the whole story if you were here I would show you

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