My friends Aunt

I spent about a month during the summer with a friend of mine, his family had a house near the coast and spent their entire summers there. Their family would come and visit on weekends and it was pretty big house with five bedrooms plus the attic had been finished off with two big sleeping areas.
I was sleeping in one of those area when I stayed there and one of his aunts came to stay for a week. She was pretty nice looking with long dark hair and a beautiful full figure. The first day she showed up she asked my friends mom where in the world they had picked up this little cutie and when she walked behind me one time she grabbed my butt and squeezed it telling me I had an irresistible ass. I was pretty amazed at how forward she was and she never really did anything in front of everyone but when she saw no one was around her hands would touch me anywhere she wanted.
She was there about three days when one night I thought I heard someone coming up the stairs to the attic. I laid there in the dark listening but the sounds were so slow I just thought it was the house creaking or something. There was a night light at the top of the stairs and from the bed I was in I could see most of the landing, when she came into view in the doorway I was pretty surprised to see her so I sat up and whispered to her asking what was the matter. She told me nothing was wrong and came right over to the bed, she then told me that I picked the perfect side of the house because the master bedroom was on the other side. I was still confused until she pulled the covers back and got right into bed climbing on top of me. I felt her breasts right through her night gown rubbing on my chest and she pulled the bottom up and straddled my legs. She began kissing my chest and quickly worked her way down to my abs, she was moaning and whispering things to me the whole time. She pulled down my shorts and took my whole cock right into her mouth. I could feel her face flat against my torso and she was swallowing or doing something with her mouth but I could feel the warm of her mouth all the way to the base of my cock. She did that for a short time then started licking and sucking on my balls while she stroked my cock. She was breathing hard and telling me how nice my cock was and she loved how hard got. She went back to sucking on me and did not stop until I came, she swallowed everything and just kept swallowing me down whole. She kissed her way back up to my chest and licked and bit my nipples asking me how that felt. I just whispered incredible I think and then she went back down telling me that the second one was going to be even better. She sucked on my until I was hard again then got herself upright and lifted her night shirt up around her hips. She sat right down on me taking it all in at once and letting out a long moan, she grabbed my hands and put them on her breasts telling me to play with her nipples. She slowly worked her hips up and down grinding away on me. She then lifted the nightie right off and leaned forward putting her nipples right in my face telling me to suck on them. I had her breasts in my hands and started licking and sucking them. She was not moving her hips fast but would rather rise up slowly then back down and grind her hips around a few times. I think I could feel the box spring pushing on my ass when she would put all of her weight into it. She kept whispering how good my cock felt over and over. After quite some time she asked me if I was close to cumming again and I told her no, she reached her hand down and began massaging herself while grinding away on me. After a few minutes she fell back down on top of me and I could feel her vagina pulsating around my cock. She was gasping and moving in little circles with her hips as she had her orgasm. She pushed herself back up a few moments later and told me I had great stamina, she kissed and licked her way back down to my cock and sucked on it with long hard pulls this time. I was breathing in hard on a few of her sucks as it felt like she was going to pull the head right off my cock. She was right the second one was amazing and she licked and sucked me clean after I came. She came back up and gave me a kiss telling me to get a good night sleep because she would be back again tomorrow night. She only missed one night the whole time she was there and it was just like the first except one night I got her to lay down and I went down on her. She gave me plenty of advice on how to pleasure a woman which was valuable information when I started back up at college in the fall. I even made a bus trip up to her house one weekend and we had sex the whole time, she is an incredible woman.

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