It is going to happen! I am going to become FAT!

Here we go! Time to eat all my appetite wants and to give my belly a workout! I am giving into my desires and will say goodby to my pretty and relatively thin body and become a "cute" fatty.
I will force my belly to hold so much food that I become first plump and then chubby and then no other way to say it- fat.
Everything about me will show off my chunky body. I will wear tight clothes that expose my swollen gut and huge tits.
I think I will get my hair cut off short- in a fat girl cut so my fat cheeks are exposed.
Here is to embracing life as a fat girl!

3 months ago

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    • No better time to do it than now. Everyone's getting fat now. Join the party!

    • Fat girls nothing better standing behind her your big cock between her legs arms wraped around her feeling her big tits and rubbing and feeling her big tummy were are all you lovely big big women

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