I was in a feedee relationship and love being fat

I spent 5 years with my boyfriend who fattened me and made me drink tons of beer, I went from thin to HUGE and I love being fat now even though i am not with him anymore, being fat and sloppy is hot

Jul 20
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Next Confession

Having high heels for dinner--a little piece at a time !!!!

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    • I have always been fat and want to get fatter, Would you fuck me?

    • Damn you got me super hard, if you were here right now I would stuff you so full you could not move and then fuck your brains out

    • Wow nice, i wanna grow that gut of yours right down over your fat pussy!

    • Hmmm nice fat hairy pussy, love your stretch marks

    • I bet she have a fat juicy like mine


    • Don't let yourself become a big fat slob.

    • My wife is a feedee and is an active gainer. She loves being fat too. It's the dopamine pleasure rush that she gets from food and sex that keeps her addicted to getting fatter. When we met she was about 200lbs and now after 8 years of marriage she's weighing in at 435lbs. Life is sweet with a big fat chick for a wife.

    • Your wife is a big fat pig and she is going to die an early death.

    • Fat is nasty and disgusting, but whatever works for you.

    • Being fat is awesome, bet you got pretty drunk and fat on all that beer

    • Yes i sure did, I still love beer and drink a whole lot, something hot about being sloppy, drunk and fat as hell. My belly and tits keep on growing

    • Lets see em, lets see what all that beer does to your body!

    • Ok here I am, nothing fits anymore, I am getting so fat i looke like a big fat drunk pig, gonna statt drinking more now
      New guy is gonna get me all fucked up tonight and fuck my fat pcunt

    • Yummy i cant tell where your gut ends and your fat saggy tits begin, Hope you stay bent over like that for him or he keeps you so drunk you cant stand up

    • Well ii am stashting to get drunk, he toiok this of me a few mins ago, Sooo horhney right now i am really feeling dfruynk now

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