My Niece the Flirt

My niece and I have always been real close. Rumana is about 5'8" and very long legs. Wearing those short nylon running shorts and her tank top drives me wild. She's always giving me a shot up her shorts seeing her thong or tiny red panties. Now only has a B size cup which is great. One Saturday early morning she drove over to the house. She knew her auntie was gone for the weekend.

Rumana came in the house through the garage catching me in only my boxer shorts no shirt. That little mischievous smile I knew she was up to something. I was laid back on the recliner she flopped her sweet ass over on the couch. Bringing her knees up to her chest then spreading her legs. Gave me a shot of her bare little pussy. She smiled big.

Do you like then she stood up pulling her shorts down. I was in a daze for a few seconds. My cock sprung out of my undershorts instant erection. The vein on the shaft bulging, the thick head pulsating she ran jumped on me. We started kissing passionately. Our tongues intertwine so deep. I pushed her back a bit slipping her top off then engulfing her entire small titty in my mouth. She reached down grabbing my cock. Oh, Uncle fuck me I wanted you for so long...

Her pussy was so wet the precum dripping out the slit of my cock. She guided her self back on my stomach reached around and eased on my thick cock. She moaned oh, gawd it's so big uncle. The head stretched her little cunny more. Finally she pushed and began sitting up taking all 8 inches in her skinny little body.

She leaned forward digging her fingernails in my stomach then began riding me like a bouncy ball. Screeching, moaning, Uncle D fuck me hard and deep. I reclined up and stood up. She wrapped her legs around me She grabbed her ass with her hand spreading her cheeks a bit. Bouncing up and down as I walked her to the bedroom. Her head swinging around her arm around my neck. I knew I had a fuck princess on my hands.

I pulled her away and threw her on the bed. Then grabbing her legs pulling her to the edge. Her legs on my chest I rammed my cock in her waiting pussy. Grabbed her hips and began fucking her hard and deep. The slurping sounds my large balls flopping off her little ass her screaming Uncle D. Her orgasm was a massive one. She was squirting I began shooting a stream of cum deep in her then another. Her head tilted back eyes closed her hips bucking. She gripped the bed covers her knuckles turning white. She screamed so loud I knew it woke up the neighbors.

I pulled out shooting another load on her stomach and tits. She soon went limp. I crawled up next to her. Her eyes opened smiling you're the best fuck I've ever had. Giggling she goes I want more. This was our first encounter. We still have wild sex at least once a month now. She's married but still has time for her favorite Uncle.

3 months ago

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    • Niece pussy is the best. When mine turned 16 I fucked her so good she's been my little slut ever since. Three years of amazing "camping trips", "fishing adventures", and "hanging out" while my wife has been away on buisness. I love cumming all over her face after pounding her tight little cunt.

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