I wanna be r*p*d

I want to be h*rt... really badly by an older man. Don't ask me why. I just do. And I don't want it to be rolepl*y. I want it to happen suddenly, a surprise, when I'm not ready.
My dream fantasy is someone k*dn*pp*ng me, taking me to their house, and having s*x. I want them to be obsessed with me, in the way that they won't let me leave but will shower everything onto me. They just want me to be THEIRS.

If anyone is interested, I have app Dust and I'm jenny_lee . I'm 10+6 years, live-in C*lif*rnia

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  • Fuck off guy. Thats right you are a guy asshole! What you can't write 16 years old. Stupid moron I hope you get your wish for real. Maybe someone like Jeffery Dahmer will come and kidnap and rape you! Then drill into your head and when you'r dead he will eat you. Would you like that sick fuck.

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