Wife got dbl'd at event

My hot little wife, 5'4" 123lb reddish brown hair green eyes 36yo who is a confident sexy woman who enjoys sporting activities dancing traveling dining & sex, went to a meet & great past & present major sports professional wrestlers. The show involved meeting these guys & woman along with other ring personalities in a public forum, where there was a benefit dinner afterwards. since we traveled out of town for this, we stayed in a Ho'Jo not far from the event. it had a decent size Pub with a DJ which we decided we'd hang out and chill later on in the evening. Of course my wife thought all of the promotions were BS and laughed about most of the storylines, but decided she'd go and see for herself if any of this was real. I'd tell her some of those guys were legitimate athletes and were making serious money, but she didn't believe me, and just laughed and waved me off. She decided to wear a short black mini skirt, with dark sheer hosiery completely nude beneath, and a pair of Christian Louboutin black high heels with the red soles. She wore a satin sleeve button up blouse, with a modest push up bra with very little makeup. She looked so hot, and we made a few cocktails in our room before leaving, skipping snacks to have dinner later on. We took a Cab there, most of the wrestlers had they're little groups around them, the more popular ones were selling promotional items, others some of them sat alone and were listening to their iPhone music or messing with a app on their phone. Of course my wife was attracting a lot of looks and smiles, as we walked around. We meet this one wrestler, who I won't name, who was wearing a black sleeveless T, who was about 6'8", had long dark wavy hair, big hairy chest massive chest & forearms. Who was standing next to another wrestler who who was wearing a mask and a suit who was about 6'. These guys were polite as they extended they're hands greeting myself and my wife. My wife's face was flushed as she looked up at this big man, and asked him if any of his matches are real. He laughed as he exclaimed, oh yea, its gets very real inside the ring, pointing to scares on his face hands and arms. He asked her if he could demonstrate a swoop & grab move with her, she agreed, and he instantly swooped her up and placed her on his shoulder. It caught her off guard for a brief moment as she realized this was no BS, there she was, with this guy who was holding her up basically with one arm, as she crossed her legs her skirt rose up exposing her ass and thighs, it was quite a sight as guys were laughing and his friend said ok lets not get trouble, as the big guy, picked up my wife as he held her against him as she slid down down his left side with her hands extended across his chest and back, and when her heels touched the ground her pelvis was up against his leg & knee, and he was staring at her smiling as she stared at him smiling too. She pulled down her skirt, and we said goodbye, saying maybe we'll see you later at the Benefit Dinner. I knew my wife's pussy was soaked, she loved it, and she said see got so turned on. I was laughing, saying do you thinks he's fake? She laughed no way babe, lets get a drink. So we went back to our Hotel had a few shots and a few beers, my wife freshened up, and about an hour later we went to the Benefit dinner. It wasn't that great, a lot of empty seats with guests spread out, and the stuff they were auctioning off wasn't worth waiting around for. As we were deciding on if we should just grab a bite or go back to the Pub and grab a bite, when the 2 wrestlers we met walked over to us. They weren't sticking around and we're deciding where to go and get something to eat and have a drink. My wife said, hey go with us, we have a room at Ho'Jo's and they have a Lounge and we can get a drink and have a bite to eat plus they have a DJ. So she messaged Uber, for a SUV for 4 and we waited about 16 min for one to arrive. I said I'll sit up front, and let her sit between her 2 new admirers. Of course neither of them keep keep they're eyes off her legs ass and breasts, as she bathed in all the attention, I knew she was very horny. When we pulled up, I got out first and opened the rear door, her legs were spread apart, as both guys were rubbing her thighs and vagina, the shorter guy got out 1st, as she stepped out the larger guy pushed up her skirt to her waist as the first guy kissed her, and the big guy stood up rubbing her clit from behind, I knew she was ok, she wasn't complaining. I handed the driver $10, and after 20 seconds or so she said, whew ok, that was hot, I need a drink, and pulled her skirt down, and we headed into the Lounge. I ordered a couple pitchers of beer and several shots, and then a few appetizers. My wife was definitely horny and buzzed. I said lets go to our room we can relax and my wife can freshen up. So we took our drinks with us and we sat around by the small table and couch as we listened to the stereo, as my wife freshened herself. She emerged wearing a white button down dress, no stocking and a pair of white slingback sandals, She sitting on the edge of the bed sipping her drink, rubbing her hands thru her hair, when the big guy said, Baby, you're so HOT I love it! She said, oh yea...as she dangled her high heel over her crossed leg, he stood up removed his shirt, she placed both arms behind her, as he picked her up, she wrapped her legs around his torso as they embraced in a deep kiss, he ripped off her dress, and dropped her onto the bed, and he removed his trousers, as his giant cock swung side to side, my wife grabbed it and started rubbing it, as he stood over her, saying baby I'm going to fuck your hot pussy hard so you know its real.. is that what you want? She was saying Yes fuck me, fuck my hot pussy and then he said when I'm done fucking you, my friend is going to fuck you too and he's going to fuck your hot ass and make you beg for it you hot fucking piece of ass..tell me Baby Now, is this what you want...she was so sexed up, she said, Fuck me now fuck me...as he placed his massive cock up to her mouth she instinctively started suck on it gagging and thrusting her tongue out and rubbing her lips against his shaft, as he lined up his giant cock he gently eased his massive dick inside as she panted and murmured OOOOO, as she spread open her legs and adjusted her pelvis, she held her legs open so he could plunge his massive cock deep inside her as she came and the sounds of a cum filled pussy getting fucked filled the room, the other guy quietly got undressed, and started massaging his cock. He walked over to the side of my wife's head and started rubbing his big curved cock against her gasping open mouth, she stuck out her tongue as he rubbed it against her open mouth and lips, meanwhile her hot pussy is getting pounded by this massive guy, and she's fucking him and talking nasty to him.
This scenario was intense. The guy pulled out and had her sitting atop of him straddling him with his cock in her, she was rocking her hips against his shaft, the other guy stood in front of her and she grabbed his cock and was rubbing his balls and saying nasty things to him as he pulled her hair and rubbing her swollen tits and nipples. I was hard for myself watching her getting fucked and seeing her summit , it was my 1st encounter with my wife, and she was fucking 2 guys, and it was pretty intense. We had talked earlier about when and if , should I stay or what she would want me to do... and she said no if I can handle her erotic sexual exploit(s), she prefer me to be a casual observer. So after about 50 minutes of tense sexual adult exploits, both guys had intense releases, and my wife had numerous cum filled releases, they finished. She laid there spent panting rubbing her pouty swollen pussy lips, with cum across her belly and breasts. Saying she'll never be the same again, and thanks to them, she'll probably never walk again, which made everyone laugh. They got cleaned up dressed and left. I filled the tub with hot water, picked her up and placed her in it. I rolled up some towels and placed behind her head, and washed her body. I let her soak in the tub for about 10 minutes, then when she stood, I rinsed her off and towel dried her and picked her up and placed her on the bed cover, and covered her with a fresh sheet as she sat up, she brushed her hair brushed her teeth & gargled. She soon passed out and slept until about 11a the next day. She said later, I know some of those episodes on TV are BS with those guys wrestling. But really...those guys know how to fuck. We laughed. True story.

3 months ago

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