Married the slutty girl, and I’m happy

I was 22 and she was 19, we met at a party given by mutual friends. I liked her from the first moment I saw her. She’s just my type, brunette, petite, big boobs, porcelain skin and a very pretty face. When I met her she was with another guy, or so I thought, he was with her at the party and they left together. That night I introduced myself to her and flirted with her a lot, figuring I could steal her away from the other guy. I saw her again at another party, and she was with another guy, one of the other guys in the group of mutual friends. We talked a lot again and I asked her if she was single and she said yes, she was only having fun with those guys. She left home with him. The third time we met at another party and this time we made out, a lot, and I got her number. We talked some on the phone and I really liked her. I saw her again at a party and she was with another guy, this really irked me, I wanted to pick up where we left off last time at making out, but she was holding hands and kissing on the other guy, I took her attention away for a bit and made out with her secretly and told her I wanted her. She brought me over to her other guy friend and introduced me and said let’s go. We went into a bedroom and closed the door and she missed him then kissed me, she took off her clothes and directed us on what to do, she wanted him first so he started having sex with her while she kissed me deeply then she said she wanted me inside of her, so he pulled out and she started sucking him while I had sex with her. She directed us every step of the way, we switched positions a few times. He came in her mouth while I was having sex with her and I finished with her vagina. We laid down and she kissed us both and laid naked between us, us guys were not naked. She kept saying how hot it was and that she’d done it before but this was better because in the other threesomes the guys were in control but in this one she was in control. She said she had sex with the other guy a few times before but this was her and my first time together and wanted a one on one. So after a while she told me to get on her and we had sex solo. We finished up and left the room, and she went home with that guy. I called her sometime after and we started hooking up and I started taking her out. We weren’t seriously dating and I knew she was still going out with other guys, she’d even disappear at parties once in a while. She was into everything, anal and oral, being spanked and slapped. She had learned a lot from the other guys. We dated for two years like this, her dating other guys, and when she graduated from university and I asked her to marry me.


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  • Met my wife at a party where she got drunk and pulled a train, seven other guys and me fucked her. After everyone was done I took her home with me.

  • Sounds like a typical female college student these days. Even back in the day my wife was fuckin a different guy each night.. Thursday-Sunday. That was when she stayed there. On the weekends she came home she was having sex with any stranger she met. This went on all 4 years until we got serious. She would tell me later about many of her sexual experiences

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