My life time fantasy to be totally kept naked and chained

I have dreamed of being kept naked and in chains without ever being released.
My owner would do whatever they want, whenever they want.
I dream of them having total control and security over me. punishment would be set by them as part of my lockup. They would take full measures to keep me secure from escape. My long time dream.

3 months ago

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    • This is better kept as a fantasy. Let me tell you how I know.

      A few years ago I had a g/f who had a dungeon / play space. She met a young man who wanted to be stripped, chained, and used for 48 hours, without release. So, she granted his wishes. He was stripped, chained to a concrete wall and made to sit on a rough concrete floor. He was a nice looking guy, great body, an eight inch cock, which stood up, proudly. We left him there, had drinks and dinner. Afterwards, she stripped for all but stiletto heels, went to the dungeon, sat on his face, and edged him with her hands, and mouth. The only way she would let him cum was by pressing his erection to the floor, and standing on it, grinding for her pleasure. Of course, he cried and moaned and couldn't cum. She clamped his nipples and pulled on the chain. He begged for a cigarette. "Nope, too bad !" He needed to piss. She held a jar for him. We left him, again, and went upstairs to fuck, loudly. Later, she took him some bread in a dog food bowl, and placed it on the floor. She stood on his cock for a bit, and let me whip his chest with a rubber flogger. Then, she sucked me to completion and I shot my copious load on his hairy belly. He wanted it wiped off, she refused. He begged for water, she gave him a few sips from a bottle.

      Not even twenty-four hours in, he had enough. She refused, and began producing dildoes, each larger than the first. By this time he was tired, achy, cold, needed real food and nicotine. When she said, "I need my leather apron, this is going to get bloody, and shitty before I'm through", he began begging for release. She let him plead for an hour or two, then, released him on the conditions that he dress, and leave, immediately. He did exactly that.

      Be careful what you wish for.

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