Ghostly dream

One night I had a dream so real I woke up asking myself did it really happen? My dream was so weird and exotic at the same time. I dreamed about being raped by 8 ghosts from being caressed, sexed in all positions from oral, anal, and blow jobs. The weirdest part was that they were all guys. I woke up the next morning drained and very sticky. Could this have really happened?

10 months ago

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    • My wife occasionally has dreams of men having sex with her. In her dreams she is paralyzed and they gang rape her. She wakes up crying and upset and feels violated. She's never been sexually abused but worked as a stripper at Leather and Lace adult store in Seabrook N.H. and performed by closed circuit t.v. for men to jack off to. one patron told her that he is a Satanic warlock and he was going to "fuck her" in her dreams. Since then she's had these very vivid dreams that she said are very real and she said she can feel there penises penetrate her and feels there semen ejaculate inside her but it's not present when she wakes up. She also notices loud drum beats and the men are laughing when they penetrate her.were not sure what to do about this. Any suggestions?

    • One night I had a dream with my uncle in it. My husband told me I was playing with myself and saying oh babe, oh babe. I remember it perfectly like it actually happened. My husband asked if it was really good, I didn’t tell him it was my uncle. He’s not my blood uncle, I don’t have sexual feelings for him, nor have I ever thought of him in that manner.

    • Oooft hot as fuck!!

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