Hubby dared me to let another guy feel me up

I was telling my hubby about a recurring dream of mine. While at a bar sitting on a stool, a guy comes up behind me and feels me up. He asked if I’d ever actually do that in real life. I said, “Not sure.” He then dared me to. Well, one day I actually got the ambition.

So we went out, myself bra and panty -less. We found different spots to sit. I chatted a bit with a guy next to me, got him to buy me a drink, and then suggested we find a dark booth. While sitting next to him (catching him glance down at my nipples poking through my shirt), I took his hand and guided it up my leg. He followed the path right up to my warm snatch and gave me a lovely feel.

20 days ago

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    • My ex let some guy fuck her IN the bar. Exile was playing at a local bar, and the cover was cheap as fuck. I'm pretty sure everyone from 3 counties was there. Anyway, we had gotten there early and made it in. Those who came late didn't. There was standing room only and people were packed into the bar like sardines. If the fire marshal had been there, he would of shit. Anyway, so this guy kept rubbing up against my girlfriend from behind, putting his dick against her ass. I didn't notice, but later found out she let this guy flip her skirt up from behind, slide her panties to the side, and let him fuck her right there in the middle of everyone. I was literally standing next to and a little in front of her, and I never even noticed. Her friend and my buddy were standing with us, and they never noticed either, but then again we were so packed in there, we could hardly move. I only found out about it a couple years later after she and I broke up. Her friend told me.

    • So did you take him home and have him fuck you? Did your husband watch?

    • No. But did tell him I wanted to return the favor and to meet me out back where I gave him a bj.

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