During the first lockdown there became a period when you was allowed to go further a field , this was for exercise and probably to get you out and about for a different scenery. Well me and my partner decided to go for a picnic on one occasion in this picnic area , we put are blanket out and settled down to enjoy the weather . Then I noticed a guy sitting down about 10yds from us my partner she noticed this too , my partner had her back to him but I could see him constantly looking are direction . Another guy appeared from the bushes he passed by a few times looking over at us . After a while we decided to go as we drove out I had noticed the guy that was sitting by us was now following us , he followed us for a while until we lost him , I said to my partner I wonder why he was following us to which she replied probably to see more than just my knickers . I said what do you mean she said I pulled my skirt up at the back so he and the other guy could see my thong , I pulled over pushed her skirt up and yes she did have a thong on to my surprise it was soaking wet . This is when she told me it really turned her on she said what do you think they wanted to see , I said I would like to know maybe someone can give us there opinion , or imagine if that guy reads this he could tell us ?

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