K9 part 3

It was about a week before my boyfriend came around again. He drove by the club, and told me I needed to be clean inside. So when I got home, I used a couple of glycerin suppositories, just to hurry the effect up, and make sure everything was out.

He brought the handler, who brought a big Belgian Malinois.

"Wow!" I thought. "That's a nice one."
"Don't worry. He's retired and retrained," said the handler.

They came in, and my boyfriend kissed me passionately. I really was a little nervous. I had never told him that I had actually had a love affair with a K9 before, because I didn't want him to know he technically wasn't my first, and also this dog was bigger than mine. And mine was big.

"OK, here's what we're going to do," said the handler. "First get a towel and spread it out. Then take your clothes off, and get on all fours. Then we'll both do you from behind, so he knows you're the willing one. We'll both finish inside you. Then I'll get him to sniff your hole, so he smells the sex. He'll lick you all around the hole for awhile, then I'll give him the cue to go inside you. You know what the knot is?"

"I think so," I said, not wanting to let on that I'd been a complete dog slut once before.

He kept the K9 on a leash as I got the towel, set it out, and we all took our clothes off. I got on all fours, and my boyfriend got in front with his penis in my face so I could suck him to hardness before he entered me. I was excited, and hard myself. When he was hard and swollen, I turned around so he could penetrate me. He spent a minute making slow love to me while I sucked the handler to hardness, but when the handler got hard, my boyfriend started thrusting really hard, and finished deep inside me. The handler then came around and entered me, but thrusted hard from the beginning. The difference was that he didn't finish deep. He pulled out until the head was still in and dropped his load just inside past my sphincter. Then with his last drops, he pulled out and smeared his cream all around my opening.

Then he leaned back and gave the Malinois room to start sniffing and licking the cream around my hole, while he shifted to get beside my butt, where he could control the K9. The dog whimpered like he really wanted to mate me, so the handler patted my ass and said, "Go on, boy!"

The response was instant. I immediately felt the dog mount me, then his sheath at my opening, and his wet penis sliding inside me. He kept humping for a few seconds, but I could feel his legs and balls flush with mine, which meant the knot was in, and we were tied. When he calmed down, the handler said, "Don't move. Just let him dismount. It's a great tie."

I already knew it was a great tie. I could feel his pulsating penis sealing my hole off, and filling me up with cream. Once the K9 and I were butt to butt, I bent my arms and rested on my elbows while the pleasure surged through me. My boyfriend sat on the floor in front of me with his legs spread, so they were outside my elbows, and his penis was again in my face. So I started sucking him while the K9 was finishing inside me.

Then the urge to push started, and I couldn't contain it. My ass was trying to expel the huge K9 knot, and my innards were contracting and heaving until it finally did. Good thing I was on a towel. But I had to get up and go void that instant. While I was on the commode, my boyfriend came in, still hard, and I finished sucking him while stood in front of me. I was also still hard, and he sucked me until I finished in his mouth.

I was shaking. This experience was very hormonal, very physical, and very emotional. I wasn't sure I wanted to do it again, until he asked me a few days later, and I said "Yes!"

It went on like that, about once a week, not counting the times my boyfriend came alone, and it was just me and him, for a few months, until I got a job in another state, and had to leave that town for good.

1 month ago

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    • Diseased rat!

    • Gross

    • A very well written confession. Thank you.

    • Thank you! I enjoy reliving those days.

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