I want everyone to see my nude of me and my wife. I have some hanging on the wall of my den. When our family and friends and strangers come over I usually take them down. But this one time a friend of ours came to fix my computer. I told her that I did not feel like take the pictures down and I asked her if she care she just shruds her shoulders and mumble I don't care. So I ,left them up. I also havee nude pictures of her as wallpapers on my computer, phone, and tablet. So he cam in the den and saw the pictures and his dick got heard under his pants. I told him sorry about the pictures he said it was ok. Her brother has come in the den and saw them to. I do not take them down anymore. I let people use my phonethey see her nude picture also. I also have them posted all over the internet This morning we were talking and I brought up the fact that our nude pictures were on the internet and that millions of people have seen her naked. Again she just shruds her shoulders and smirks. I think see enjoys the fact that millions people have see the pictures. I think it turns her on. How can I persuade her into not wearing a bra or panties in public and to wear loose tank tops with no bra on and her breasts pop out a lot and short shorts with very high slits on the side with no panties that when she sits down her shorts ride up exposing her pussy to everyone. I love her exposing herself naked in public. How can I convince her to start doing this?

1.3 years ago

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    • I would love to see her photos. Please email me sphiil@aol.com

    • Email me at 1hornbimale@gmail.com and ask for some

    • How can I see them?

    • Love to see them?

    • I would love to see them

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