When I first started dating my husband we gave each other oral sex every time before we fucked. I loved sucking his big cock and balls until he would cum all over my face, and he lick my hairy pussy until I’d squirt my pussy juice into his mouth. Once he started to eat my pussy from behind his tongue would always find its way up my crack and into my asshole. Well when this happened I was addicted right away! His slippery tongue drove me crazy with desire and I’ve never cum so much or so hard in my life when it would slurp back and forth over my asshole. I would never have to ask him to do it he knew I loved it and so did he. After 3 or 4 time of getting rimmed I started to want to do it to him. He said he was embarrassed to ask me but he was dying for me to lick his butt hole too. I got him on his knees with his ass in the air and I started to rub my fingers up and down his asscrack very gently and his cock stood up rock hard. Within 3 minutes he was dripping pre cum from his big purple cock head. So now I went in for it. I teased him a lot by first grabbing his cock and jerking him off while blowing on his balls from behind. I started very slowly dragging my tongue up his duck and balls until I reached his tight asshole and I went to town. I flicked my tongue over his asshole very quickly then big fat licks real slow. Finally I jammed my whole face and tongue right up his ass and I could feel his cock get bigger in my hand. He was moaning like I’ve never heard him moan before and he said he was ready to explode. He turned around to face me as I got under his balls and as I kept my slender index finger rubbing his asshole he beat off for maybe 10 seconds before he blew a huge load of sticky cum all over my mouth , face, and tits, I was drenched . I found that I really loved doing it to him as much as when he rimmed me. We always shower before sex so he was clean and I loved having my face in between his cheeks because he loved it sooo much. He loves doing it to me very much and always from behind. I keep my pussy and asshole all natural which is very hairy that’s what he and I both like, so he’s in heaven when he sees my thick bush that crawls up my ass stuck up in the air just waiting to get licked. I’ve watched a few videos on Pornhub of two hairy girls licking each other’s hairy pussy and assholes and it turns me on to no end. If I knew of a hot girl like this I’m sure I’d try licking her ass too. We are both in our 20’s so maybe we have time to experience this some day. I hope our story turns you on and you jerkoff your big cocks when you read it!

26 days ago

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    • I jerk off my big cock when I read the ingredients of laundry detergent

    • You believe that fake assed piece of shit? You believe a female wrote it too! If you do you are dumber then the guy who wrote this crap!

    • That’s true
      Girls are too dumb to know how to write

    • Or because they said their husband started licking their pussy then moved up to tongue her ass crack and eventually reach her asshole. The virgin man who wrote this fake story doesn't know that there is no asscrack between a pussy and an asshole

    • I 👅 your taint in the Wendy’s bathroom

    • That was you?

    • Thank you for sharing- your story got me wet so I am calling the girls I know so we rim and grind each other. Happy Friday

    • Fuck you wetnhorny You ain't fooling anyone dude! Get the fuck out of here sick fuck!

    • But I’m so wet! And horny!

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