It's inevitable

I've never cheated before, but there's this guy at work who I been flirting with and I think something is going to happen soon even though he is about the same age as my youngest kids. He is super smart and super fit and I can tell he's super hung I almost cant even wait for him to start sticking that monster in me on a regular basis. When I think about him I finger myself like a whore and I can't even remember my husband's name. I don't know when it will happen but I think I will be opening my legs to him soon. I may even ask him for a baby even though I am over 40. He makes me horny as all fucking hell.

27 days ago

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    • There's a sales manager from a different branch that I've been with and he's an older man 46 and I'm an attractive 22 year old newlywed. He's attractive and very seductive and I'd show off a little leg and fancy pants to him in fun. At a after hours Wednesday night get together my fancy pants were aside with him all hugely up inside of me. I'd only been with my husband and his monster penis hugely stretching me out my husband's noticing that it's different. It's an every Wednesday kind of thing and I tighten back up by the weekend but why can't I just stop?

    • Over 40 ew! Aren't you all wrinkly and grey and have a walker? How do you even work still I mean haven't they put you in a home?

    • 40!! Seriously are you like 12 years old or something? I’ve seen your other posts and you need to get off this site. You obviously aren’t old enough or mature enough to be reading these stories.

    • I’m old enough to get hit on by men and even women too sometimes, just trying to see what it is with you old fukkin pervs!

    • If you make it to 40 you'll be signing a different tune.

    • The last guy who fucked me said I wouldn’t make it to fourteen!

    • So please let us know when something actually happens.

    • Waiting for details of actual happening.

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