I want to kiss and lick the feet of my lady employer

I would love to do that as part of my job , even in front of other workers that probably would love to do the same , it could be even included in the work contract

23 days ago


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    • A lady employer? How is that even a thing?

    • I have a woman boss who is hot as hell. Don’t care about her feet, but I would love to lick her pussy.

    • Woman boss is there for man to make the sex yes?

    • My lady-boss takes deep anal every Friday at 5:00!

    • My husband does that for me all the time. More so when I have on stockings. I’m curious as to how good at it you are.

    • You are an employer ? :D , then i hope you will grant that honor to some of your adoring employees :D

    • Hey foot sniffer what's up?

    • You are a loser!

    • Why is foot sniffer a loser? Don't listen to them foot sniffer keep on sniffing!

    • You are one of the biggest A$$ Holes on this site. Did your mother have any children that lived? Just because you are a virgin loser with no stories to tell doesn’t mean that you have to troll every fetish post. It’s not our fault that you are impotent.

    • Actually it’s a busybody woman, of course. It’s a 58- year-old nurse with a learning disability who thinks she’s the morals police. Go ahead, ask her about it. She deserves to be counter-trolled.

    • I would lose my virginity to you baby!

    • I hope you mean by force

    • Nopedo

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