Pervert things I secretly do to my wife

I started doing pervert things to my wife, since our sex live is about 4 times a year (married with kids). I love her and I´m doing this because it turns me on like hell.

- I take her dirty panties out of the laundry, fold it nicely an put it back into her drawer so she has to wear her dirty slips over and over again, making them more stinky. I love to smell her dirty panties and masturbate. It is important to put fresh slips into the laundry instead. She would be suspicios when there wouldnt be any underwear in the laundry.

- Whenever I have the chance I pee into her drinks and watch her sipping on them. Instant boner.

- When her friend comes to visit I try to put my cum and pee everywhere on snacks and drinks. Thats so hot.

- I also cum and piss on her toothbrush. I really enjoy watching her brushing her teeth with her dirty brush. Sometimes I also stick it up my ass so that there are some small brown marks on it.

- I also piss a little bit into her shoes in the evening so that they are dry again in the morining. I then sniff them after a long day she wore them.

- When we have sex I love to do 69 and I love it when she hasn´t washed her pussy and ass for about 2 or 3 days but she doesnt feel comfortable with that so she doesnt do it and keeps washing herself every day. So when I know there is a kids free weekend coming i try to block the bathroom so she has no time to shower before work. Then on the weekend I surprise her with sex and eat her out with pleasure. It takes a few moments for her to accept her destiny but then shes grateful for the oral.

- Sometimes when having sex I stick my finger up her ass (during 69) and sometimes there is a little bit of poop. So I try to scrap something with my finger and then I secretly rub it on her nipples, behind her ear, on her butt, into her hair and on her anus. I then make her reach back with her hands to spread her buttcheecks and i lick that dirty asshole while imagine her forcing me to do right now. The very dirty taste is both hot and digusting at the same time leading to a really overwhelming feeling. Meanwhile I try to rub a little bit on my dick so when we continue with 69, she also has to try very small amounts of poop. There is no way she doesnt taste the poop on my dick, but probably she thinks it happend by accident and she doesnt want to kill the mood so she continous sucking like nothing happend. Thats a total turn on for me knowing she pushes herself to be disciplined. Very often this was the moment I came into her mouth without warning. Later whe we go out for dinner and I hug an kiss her I can take quick dirty poop sniffs from her ears or hair.

- Sometimes I rub my dirty asshole on her pillow to make it stinky (but not brown dirty) so she lies down her face right into it in the evening.

- Sometimes I stick her chewinggum candy into my ass and put it back into the box so she eats ass-gum when she wants fresh breathe.

- When she has some girls over I clean the toilet really thoroughly with neutral desifection tissues. Then I monitor when a girl uses the toilet. I sneak in right after searching the toilet seat for drops. And there are always drops.... Woman are dirty.... I then lick the drops.

- When friends are at our house in summer and we go swim in our pool they change clothes (bikini) I go inside the house an search for the undies inside their bags and sniff an lick them.

- When my father in law went to travel alone for 6 weeks I helped my mother in law with some things like mowing the lawn... so when she wasn´t home I went into her house and came into her milk carton. Unfortunaltelly I couldnt be there when she drank it. Of course I also sniffed her panties from the laundry, but I was very boring since all of her slips smelled like fresh laundry cause she has some sort of mania of cleanlyness.

- When my wife ordered new yoga pants for the gym she asked me how they look and if you can see throug them. She then bend over to make me check and you could clearly see her pussy. I said "No honey, all good. I don´t see anything." Shes wearing it since then without ever noticing anything. Probably nobody tells her cause everybody is just enjoying the view like I do.

So thats it for now. I probably forgot something.

If you have any ideas what other pervert things I can do to or with my wife or her female friends I would really appreciate if you write me a comment.

Thanks for reading.

28 days ago

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    • Today I pissed on my wife's toothbrush. I mean I already make my daughter eat my cum in her food and now this! You have given me a lot of good ideas.

    • Dude.... my dick is rock hard now!!!

    • Yes you have give me lots of good idea thank you

    • HA HA HA I LOVE YOU you are amazing dude. Make sure to cum in her food!

    • Gosh. You have lost your marbles. Your poor wife

    • Is your wife blind with no sense of smell? She would't notice you put dirty panties back in her drawer? She wouldn't smell the shit you put on her? Did you marry a total retard for a wife! Or are you totally making up this story because no woman will ever get close to you and your stuck with your dementia infected 80 year old mother panties!

    • It is all made up bull shit by some asshole who loves to degrade women! Because not one will even get near him including his mother!

    • You love her? Then respect her.

    • You are sick on the loose

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