How many men should a woman have sex with before she gets married? When I proposed my to my girlfriend Friday she said that she would marry me but she wanted to have sex with more men before the wedding. She had sex with two men before me but wants to have sex with at least ten before we get married. I told her that I would think about it. So should I agree to her having sex with at least eight more men before the wedding? I really love her and I want to spend my life with her! I accept that she has fucked two guys before me even though she was my first and only. She also doesn't want me to have sex with other women while she fucks other men. What should I do?

30 days ago

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    • Ya ever notice these guys have more respect for their cars? 😂

    • Cars break down less

    • Leave....she's obviously not into you as much as you think she is..she is literally telling you, which women do not she is telling you she wants out...or just not marry you... think man think!

    • I told my about-to-be-wife she could fool around, get it out of her system, she met a guy at a bar like usual, and didn't come home, she was found in a locker in a storage facility off the interstate about six weeks later, at least, most of her was.

    • You keep writing these bull shit Stories about how many people fucked your "wife" before you met her. When you get married you commit to be with each-other! Not pass her around like a three dollar bill! Why the fuck did you get married if you don't want to obey marriage vows? You could have saved a lot of money and time if you never got married and just fucked who ever you wanted! As for your monotony bull shit, What will you do when she likes her lover more then she likes your sorry ass! You are so obsessed with writing the same shit over tells me, You just want to make women look like sluts!

    • It's not degrading to let your wife or girlfriend experience what it's like being with other men. It breaks up to monotony for her. It's a sexual life style some couples agree to. It shows trust and respect for each other. I was always thankful that my wife was honest with me and did sneak around behind my back with guys. She also asked me not to fuck other women that she loved me more than anything else. We always had a great sex life together. She made sure to take care of my needs first before other guys. She just needed the attention from others and feel good about herself knowing that she is still attractive to different men. What it boils down to is that it's just sex when you lurn that there is more to a relationship between you and your wife than the sex then you are free to love one another

    • No, what is boils down to is she isn't mature enough to be married..or are you, living like teenagers. she is a just a possession to you..who you share w everyone... and you are just the guy paying for it all. completely opposite of being married... that's hippy bullshit that didn't last too you might remember..

    • So what will you do when your wife says I want to live with him from now on and we are getting divorced?

    • Why do you write this bull shit to degrade women? Really why? Tell us the truth please?

    • You don't have to read it if it makes you jealous!

    • I'm not jealous! Just disgusted with the same asshole writing the same bull shit!

    • Oooo someone jelly

    • Precisely!!

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