Systemic racism

I am so sick of hearing about systemic racism from all the blacks. I'm 50 years old, and I have never seen discrimination against any black people in my life. And I've lived a lot of places in my life. But the last 10 years I've seen more and more black people crying about systemic racism. The funny thing is not one of them can give me an example of how they're being discriminated against, not even one.
Oh sure, they try to tell me shit like there are more blacks in prison. Only that just means they commit more crimes, no one is being sent to prison because they're black. Or they say stupid shit like one of their brothers got discriminated against down at the Piggly Wiggly by the manager. Again, that is not systemic racism, even if it did happen.
I can give you an example of real systemic racism though. Miss Black America pageant, the United Negro College Fund, Black Entertainment Television, Black Entertainment Awards, they are all discriminating against white people. Do you see any a Miss White America pageant?? No you don't, because the blacks would be screaming racism and demanding it be shutdown. Who's racist in this country?? It's sure not the white people.

3 months ago

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    • Yes there is Systemic Racism get the fuck out of here dumbass old white man who’s desperately seeking attention

    • Fuckin nigs.

    • There's no such thing as systemic racism. It's a term used to silence opposition to socialist beliefs.

    • Rates for mortgage loans substantially higher than for white people, public schools with majority black students have less funding, the closure of voting precincts in majority black populated areas are just a few examples of systemic racism. Don't believe me ? Look it up !

    • Blow your smoke up someone elses ass. I looked it up, and you're a fucking liar!!!!
      You're nothing but a crack whore, just like your nigger momma.

    • Lmfao. First of all, PLEASE show me the loan / mortgage rates at ANY bank where they are different for blacks vs. whites. Go ahead, I'll wait...
      As for public schools.... Do you know where money comes to support those schools??? TAXES. If the schools have no money, it's because the residents of said community, do NOT pay taxes. They don't pay taxes because they don't work. White or black has nothing to do with that. That my friend is a problem with LAZY people. And if they are closing voting locations, again it's because TAXES pay for that shit to be open...
      Think I'm wrong, look it up. Not one thing you said proves or even remotely shows systemic racism. It shows lazy fucking people who refuse to work and pay taxes for community resources.

    • I agree with you. There are a lot of people who mistake laziness for racism. They overlook the fact there are a lot of white people and other races living in those same areas.

    • FUCK THEM NIGGERS!!!!!!!
      Send them all back to Africa.

    • Just a stupid word for dumb sheep who can't articulate a single thought on their own... media tells them what to think..

    • You people dont know what to look for !

    • Obviously you don't either, hence the lack of examples in your comment!

    • Yeah, ok. seems they don't either...

    • Spot on. Our political leaders are working on giving them reparations. We’ll be completely divided as a country when that happens.

    • If them motherfuckers do, then I'm identifying as black and claiming my payment.

    • You'd see racism then 😆

    • I guess we can be anything we want according to the libs.

    • It's a free country and just be glad you're free to remain a fucking asshole.

    • Can't be as big a asshole as most liberals. Those fucking people have lost all commonsense. They don't even know what fucking bathroom they're supposed to use. How fucking hard is it to understand that if you were born with a dick, you're a guy. If you were born with a vagina, you're a girl. Just because you're fucked in the head, and cut your tallywacker off, does not make you a girl.

    • Amen and well said

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