Connie Britton

So I just read the interview with Connie Britton where she's talking about raising her black son from Ethiopia in racist America. She talks about her "White privilege" and how it's so hard raising her son with systemic racism. Yet not one time did she ever give an example of how her son was discriminated against. Not one time did she point out how her black adopted son is now far better off in America than third world Ethiopia. Not one time did she explain how her so called white privilege benefits her over any other celebrity. In all her rantings about how America is so terrible, not once did she say anything about leaving. It's funny how these fucking liberals claim America is so racist, yet never provide examples. I mean sure, you got the dumbasses who think more blacks in prison is an example, but they are too stupid to understand that only proves more blacks are criminals, not systemic racism. I would love for one fucking liberal to show me a true example of systemic racism against blacks in this country. Show me where someone as a black person is discriminated against by a process or system in this country. Go ahead, I'll wait. Because I guarantee you not one fucking person can show me systemic racism against blacks in this country. I GUARANTEE IT

2 months ago

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    • Black people have been kept from education and civil way of society for 400+ years... and people wonder why they are so different to whites... shouting out at the movies, dress sense gun crime, drugs .. general behaviour is because they are behind the rest of the world in evolution, its not their fault but I don't think it's fair that they are treat equally when they havnt had as much time as the rest of the world to become civilsed.

    • So if someone's parents have a 3rd grade education. You are saying their children will never graduate from college because their parents weren't educated?

      Why do people blame the past for what individuals do today?

    • If you were getting laid you wouldn’t be giving a fuck about Connie Britton except trying to decide which hole you wanted to put your cock in. Yet here you are going on about nonsense that neither adds or detracts from your obviously miserable life.

    • I guess you can post anything here… but sad because its not naughty just dumb political and racist. Thanks for killing erections with your effing nonsense

    • Newsflash dumbass. It's not racist.
      Learn what the fuck racism is before accusing someone of it. Fucking retard.

    • Hello deah Missuh Jones suh!

    • Jim Goad, is that you ? Look, you don't want examples of systemic racism. You've been given those in another post, and it wasn't good enough, you wanted statistics, which also wouldn't have been good enough. You just want to argue, that's all. Arguing on the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics : Even if you win, you're still retarded.

    • No, I am not Jim. But I see you failed to post any examples of systemic racism. Why am I not surprised.

    • Fuckin Nigs.

    • You sound like a fool. And a racist.

    • I am neither a fool, nor a racist. But by all means, please explain how I am racist. And while you're at it, give me an example of systemic racism. Because I'm betting you can't.

    • For what exactly? because you say so?

    • And how does that relate to this site you white trash moron? My BBC fills up yo moms ass and my black magic cheese drips all out over the place and your daddy licks that shit up.

    • Look everyone, it's the internet police. Who cares what someone post on NaughtyPosts. Hence why they have multiple categories. Duhhhhh.

    • You Racist fucking POS!!!

    • Fuck off you cracker boi bitch.

    • What makes you think I'm white?? For your information, I'm black. I just know a racist POS when I see one, and you are racist.

    • You are not a brother, you are a cracker white boi bitch ho that takes my BBC muscle cock smooth up in you all the time.

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