Neck fetish

Why is it so hard to find other females like me? I have a fetish for women necks its not a sexual thing its just something I enjoy, and I honestly feel like I'm the only female that into what I like. Its so annoying. I would love to find more females to talk to about it, but its always a guy and I find it so hard to talk them about it. I cant talk to my family about it cause they wouldn't understand and when I told my friends they kind of just pushed me away they were always judgemental and I was always the black sheep of our friends so there was no surprise there. Oh well hopefully I can find some one and maybe try out what i like who knows.

2 months ago

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    • I know how frustrating it is to feel like you’re the only one with a secret desire/fetish. I am a guy and I know you don’t really want to talk with a male so I’m not going to push you to do so. But I’m very open minded if you change your mind. I will say though just keep your chin up and don’t let anyone bring you down for liking what you like! You do you and you will find your lady to talk too!👍🏻 Good luck!!

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