Disgusting wife

Lately, I have been fantasizing about watching other men fuck my wife. I'm not sure why, but I think maybe it's because she is grotesquely fat and ugly and smells pretty bad most of the time. I think it might help my self esteem to know that I'm not the only guy who would fuck such a nasty skank. She used to be thin and relatively pretty, but a few years after we got married, she just started letting herself go. I've seen her go a full week without showering, I'm sure she would go longer if I didn't tell her to shower. Hell, I don't think she even wipes her ass half the time. Not sure what the fuck to do, maybe file for divorce or just join her and get fat and lazy myself.

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  • Man that's nothing. I came home early to find my fat discussing wife fucking a black guy. His huge 10 inch dick was slidin in and out of her nasty fat snatch. She was screaming and squealing from his monster cock. I don't know why I stay with her though. I know she is fucking other men. I don't care cause I won't fuck her anymore after that day.

  • Get rid of the bitch

  • Hell yes just leave the nasty whore.

  • My wife was 115 pounds when I met her 20 some odd years ago, over 200 now and still gaining. At least three days a week, she lays on the couch snacking while she watches TV, unshowered, teeth unbrushed. Her hair is greasy and her feet stink.

    I feel your pain.

  • Your not the only one. I would gladly come over and fuck her silly for you. I love fucking big women. My own wife is 290 lbs and enjoy fucking women like her. She wants to loose weight but I discourage her from doing so. I tell her how hot and sexy she is. I love her fat big sexy ass so much. I would love to have sex with your wife while you watch us. Just how big is she? I like over 200 lbs.

  • 290? That’s cute. Mine is over 400!

  • How fat is she? Some fat women struggle to wipe their own ass because the shape and size of their bodies.

  • Also...I ask because I like having dirty butt sex with fat women.

  • Yeah me too. Dirty ass sexy is so much fun. I enjoy licking the shit from their big large holes and then enjoy a smelling ass crack. Hey ass crack could be a new drug.

  • I just like when my cock goes in white and comes out brown. Not sure why I love that so much but I do. I’ve noticed fat black chicks love being able to shit on my “cute little white penis” when I fuck them up their fat asses. White chicks get a little embarrassed about it. The fat Mexican women I’ve fucked just shrug it off like “yeah, I shit on you. You put it in my ass and you get shit on.” Love all their reactions really. I don’t think I’ve ever fucked a woman who didn’t weigh at least 350 pounds.

  • She may be depressed, and by that I mean clinically depressed. They often go without bathing and not caring about personal appearence. I hope I'm wrong, but, it might be worth looking into.

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