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Im a 23m yr old virgin i like jacking off to my big sister she is 28f she has a beutiful face big fat ass nice tits she is married whit 2 kids ive spied on her naked she gots a fat trimmed pussy and big nipples and a big ass ive jacked off on her panties and braws ive jacked off while talking on the phone whit her whit out her knowing

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Your a frigin halfwit, go back to kindergarten and try to pass next year you jerk

  • I wuz reedin yer stowry an I mustt bee missen sumting?

  • Sick fucking incest propaganda.

  • Maybe if you focused on someone other than your sister, you could lose your virginity.

  • That’s all these incest Fucks can think about

  • Shut the fuck up incest lovers. You are so sick.

  • Unfortunately for you she is married. Off limits

  • You can't teach these sick fucks anything. They have no morals. They can't understand family values don't involve incest.

  • I learned about incest from the Bible. Since Adam and Eve are the first people, and they only had sons, Cain, Able, and later Seth, then it stands to reason they all had sex with Eve to create more people. Later, it says Adam had other sons and daughters so he had sex with his children as well. I take my family values from the Bible.

  • Lol👍🏻😂

  • Not everyone shares your opinion

  • Oh fuck off you narrow minded cunt

  • Fuck you lady balls incest is going to be aways frowned about and one day it will be illegal everywhere.

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