I'm a straight girl, except when it comes to fat women

I'm a straight girl, except when it comes to fat women. I am obsessed with fat women: their bellies, their butts, their breasts, especially their big jiggling arms ... everything about fat women turns me on, but other than that I'm into men. I've lost attraction to women who've lost weight, and I've been turned on by women I'd never look at otherwise after they gained a few pounds.

Is this normal? Does this make me a lesbian? Bi? I don't know, and I'm not sure what to do. I kissed a fat woman once and almost came just from touching her, but that's as far as we got. There's a cute (no, beautiful) fat woman a few years older than me at my job (I'm 17, she's 21). Should I ask her out, or ignore her, or what?

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  • You are bisexual accept it enjoy it

  • Don't let the opportunity slip by sweetie, I had and still do have a lesbian relationship with my best friend going back to high school, we are both married with children and our husbands know all about it, when we meet or part we cuddle and full kiss and while shopping or just walking around hold hands and cuddle, I am the slightly overweight one she is just so hot I feel so very lucky other than that we are very discreet and only have sex in our own homes or while on holiday.
    When we go on holiday we book three double rooms the men have one each that we share when they want sex and the other is just for us girls when we like
    Go for it Baby xxx let us know eh ?

  • OP here. I did ask her out, and we had fun for a while but it didn't work out long term. But! I was now confident enough to ask out other ladies I'm interested in. Currently I've been with a very hot, fat MILF in her 40s (never though I'd do that; she's got one kid younger than me and one kid older). Been together about 4 months, and it feels better every day :)

    So glad I took the dive and asked that girl out, even if it didn't last between us.

  • Darling you really have to make a move on this girl or you will forever regret it, it certainly sounds like you are bi but nothing wrong with that, I think it would be nice if you and her had a lesbian relationship, you could still root around with the guys, best of both worlds, please let us know

  • Ask her out for sure.

  • Ask her out get her knickers off and give her big fat cunt a good licking .

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