She secretly loves it

Married a gorgeous woman that is so sexual. She's so hot in shorts sandals and a T or a mini skirt blouse & heels. She oozzes sexuality! 5'4" with 5' stiletto's she's 5'8"-5'9", sometimes hosiery sometimes nothing. 118lb curly flowing brown hair greenish eyes. A confident Lady but a no nonsense Lass just the same. She was always getting hit on by colleagues, strangers, even woman. She made no secret about her physical attributes either. Great ass, perfect legs, toned thighs & calfs, sexy feet manicured nails, hardly any makeup just eyeliner & highlites and lipstick. She doesn't like to wear any undergarments, She complain's they were too confining, and besides her breasts were perfect, and she's completely shaven smooth! She'd tell me how hot She gets and how she loves to make love. I'd ask her if enjoys her role as a hot playful tease, and she'd say yes, she loves teasing Men and getting them hard and acting foolishly. Now we were all over, traveling and both working, and when relaxing just hanging out or as a couple going to different musical venues, jazz blues or lounges with a DJ. She sometimes hangs out some girlfriends and they go out for dinner + drinks and afterwards a Pub crawl where they were always treated by acquaintances to drinks conversation and dancing. she could toss them back too, and She wasn't uptight. Of course She was always getting a lot of attention. She knew a few wealthy business men, some married whom she knew desired her. She believed she could wear anything she wanted to, from a plunging frontal V cocktail dress, backless short dress, a short micro can look but no touchy! So afterwards She'd come home, hot and horny and sexed up, this went one for a couple of years until I finally convinced Her to seduce a older Guy in his early 60's she was talking about. Her girlfriend was dating this Guy for about 12 months or so, and She told my wife He was great in bed and was endowed with this massive manhood which intrigued my Wife. She would sometimes hang out with them and he meet them on one of they're outings and have a drink or 2 and danced with him. I met him a couple of times too. but my wife said, when her friend moved out west to help her parents, She'd knew He was available and would like to seduce and fuck him. So after a few weeks, She met him for a drink where I was planning to join them later on. She wore a button down yellow dress that was very tight with a low frontal cut for her breasts that were protruding, and came below her knees but was unbuttoned to her upper thighs, with these white strap high heels. When I got there they were off to the side sitting in a loveseat with her left leg practically over his leg and he was rubbing her exposed left knee and thigh. She was so erotic watching her seduce this guy as he couldn't wait to have her. We left together after about 90 minutes, my wife was a little tipsy, we helped her into the back of my Rover and her friend sat next to her, as I drove away, I could see my wife's ass as her dress was now unbuttoned to her waist, and her breasts were both exposed as the front of her dress was unbuttoned also, and the guy was rubbing her ass and his head was buried in her chest suckling her tits as she was rubbing his head. It was quite an intense scene. I sat silently as I watched him lick kiss and suck on her tits and finger her vagina. She was moaning, and thrusting her pelvis up against his hand, as I heard her kissing and sucking on his tongue saying, I want you inside of me..fuck me. I pulled up into his driveway, she was rubbing his cock as they were kissing, I said, we're here, lets go inside. He came around to her side, and opened the door, she got out and they embraced and kissed. Her dress was totally unbuttoned and open, she was totally nude, her breasts were full and her nipples were swollen protruding, He placed an arm around her and led her into his Townhouse. I shut the door behind them, she placed her purse on a table and turned to him and dropped her dress, he scooped her up placed her on a couch and she helped him remove his shirt and pants, then she grabbed his massive long hard cock and started stroking him. he stood over her as she was rubbing it and he was saying something to her as she was looking at his massive dick, and then she started sucking it and licking it as he pulled her hair and tilted her head to the side and slid his cock along her lips saying suck it this what you want? tell me baby tell me...She said, Yeah pussy wants your fat cock in me now want to to fuck me? You want my hot pussy...its so hot Baby...fuck me...and He grabbed both ankles, and spread her open as she arched her back and rammed that massive fat cock deep into her pussy as she was gyrating back and forth. He fucked her and she fucked him for about 25 intense minutes before She exploded sending gobs of hot love juice streaming down the sides of her swollen pussy, and about 10 minutes later her pulled out that massive swollen throbbing cock and let out a stream of hot cum on her stomach which she rubbed on her tits. It was a wild hot intense sexual scene. Her 1st time fucking another guy in front of me. She's highly sexual and confident. Not a barfly or street whore. In all the years we've been married She's had 4 intense sexual encounters. She controls her body, I'm not uptight She's my wife, lover and best friend. She still dresses seductively looks fantastic, and has a great job good friends. Still hot in cutoffs and a T or a short tight mini & heels. Most of all She's home with me.

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