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Recently me and my girlfriends had a girls night in, drinks, takeaway and a good chat.
The subject came up about sex telling each other about nightmare boyfriends, sex etc.
I didn’t really anything of interest to say really, the girls said you must have something to say, I said I can only think of one situation but it’s not really a nightmare story.
I was asked to tell, I said when I was 27 I met this guy on holiday with my parents.
He seemed really nice, he was on holiday with his son and friend.
Cutting the story short I said we ended up having sex.
Now my girlfriends are on the edge of their chairs, what happened.
I said he had the smallest willy I had ever seen, the girls started laughing and making fun of me.
I then went on to say I had my first and only penetrating orgasm, it may have been small but it was hitting me in just the right spot, if he hadn’t of stopped I was ready for another orgasm.
After that we moved on to another topic!

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  • I wasn't suppose to be listening to my mother and her girlfriends drinking at our house one Saturday night. I was listening at the top of the stairs and could hear them in the living room. I heard my mother tell her friends about a guy she had sex with, she said his cock was as big as two beer cans, one on top of the other. He made my toes curl, I thought that my snatch was going to tear, but I took it all balls deep, she said. I heard one girl telling how amazing it is to have two big dicks in her pussy at the same time. One woman said that every woman should experience being knotted with a dog that has a big cock. She went on to explain how to have sex with a dog and how the dog's cock grows while inside of the women's pussy. Another woman lost her virginity to her favorite uncle when she was 10 years old, he had a very large penis but she enjoyed it, she said. I heard some other stories that night, I had a head full of things to masturbate to for years and years. It was a wealth of information for a 16 year old boy.

  • Okay... this is bullshit and I think it would give most 16 year old boys a dick size inferiority complex.

    And you do not "lose your virginity" at 10 years old, this is rape and having it stolen from you.

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