Cheating Fetish

I was going out of town to visit family when my before admitted to me that he had a cheating fetish. But he didn't want to cheat on me, he wanted me to cheat on him. I was thrown off a bit but he told me that he didn't want to break up he just wanted me to cheat on him. Take pictures and send them to him. It was weird at first but a bit of a turn on and I told him I would think about it .

When I got back to my home town I ran into an ex, the relationship had been terrible but the sex was great. And as we talked we started getting flirty. So I ended up back at his place and fucked him for old time sakes. Told him I had a major thing for being recorded and photographed and he was all for it. It was a major thrill. And ended up fucking him again before I left.

I also slept with a guy I met when I went to the bar with my sister. He hit on me, told him a story about how my boyfriend cheated on me and I wanted to get revenge by fucking someone else and he was all over it. Sex wasn't as good as the exes but was still fun. And the only picture he would take was of him cumming on my face.

When I got home my boyfriend was super excited, and more horny than he had ever been. His cheating fetish has made our sex life incredible.

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  • Hey sweetie you sound like a very nice person with your open relationship things must be great, have you thought about a female relationship I think you might like that ?

  • Just try to keep it with your ex he sounds like a good fuck that you enjoy

  • He is a really good fuck, that I certainly do enjoy.

  • Well sweetie that is the answer just go visiting quite a bit more and get your fun, do you do anal and oral with him ?

  • I do oral but not all that into anal.

  • That's nice darling but I can assure you he and you would be a lot better off if you did anal, if you think your too tight start using lube, dildo's and butt plugs to loosen up, start with your boyfriend then introduce it to your ex when you visit, let us know how it goes they both will be over the moon

  • My only problem is the sex with an ex. They may get the wrong idea and want to start a relationship again. My wife has sex with a couple other guys (one lives in town and the other only comes into town on holidays.) Both know that it's just sex. I don't consider it cheating because I've known about it since the beginning. It's perfect for them because they don't have to worry about a relationship. We've been doing this for 4 years now and our marriage is still as strong as ever

  • I can understand that. But he lives quite a ways away from me so I don't think he considered it much more than a fling.

  • That's great, it is fantastic when you can fuck around with your partner's knowledge and full support, I have been doing it for years, I have found that it is best to just have a maximum of three usually two other respectful sexual partners that are nice, individually wealthy not committed to another woman and do not flaunt it around or treat you like a slut, my husband goes out if one of my boyfriends comes over and only just occassionally now has me tell him in detail of the sex, it is really a good setup as he also gets all the sex he want's

  • That's nice darling you might want to go visit quite a bit more now

  • I just might!

  • Sounds exciting.

  • It was!

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