Gf sexting

I have broken into my girlfriend's phone and snooped around. There was no reason really, just boredom.

We used to sext a lot before we moved in together, so I checked her messenger apps for anything interesting.

There wasn't much stuff, mostly her chats with friends. Then found a couple of chats with guys she went on dates with, but nothing hot. That was until I found a convo of her with a guy from the US (we live across the pond).

They met when he was visiting Europe, then fucked her socks off. She then took almost a month, went to the US, taking his cock non stop while there.

The chats between the dates being together are so fucking hot. She went on full slut the day after their first fuck. It must have been some good dick if convinced her to go from a ons to travelling half the world for him. They've sent nsfw videos and photos to each other. Their discussions had me stroking my cock like crazy for a week now.

He'd sent a dick pic, admittedly he's hung, then my gf would write essays on how she wants to serve him and get used.

Not going to tell her, but I'm already using some of her expressed desires in bed and it's driving her crazy. For example she asked him to fuck her throat in the shower, while she's serving her cock on her knees. I did that with her and she went crazy.

1 month ago

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