GF’s mom comes back to watch me

My girlfriend and her sister went to Florida on spring break and I stayed home because my classes started earlier. Remember I was living at her moms. Well the last night of their trip I was sitting in the den watching tv with her mom and couldn’t stop lusting over her large breasts. It got so bad that I was going to try and finish while we were watching tv. I got up and grabbed the knit blanket and draped it over my legs. I put my legs up to hide what I was doing, only it didn’t fool her, she looked over and gives a little laugh, so I had to stop. Later I headed to my girlfriends bedroom and got under the covers then mom walks in and asks if I’m ok? do I needed anything, I said yeah I could use a massage. She chuckles and says I don’t think so..

I waited for her to go to her room, right across the hall, and turn out the light. I wandered what she’d do if she knew I was taking care of it myself? With the cover completely off and pants all the way down and one leg out, I let it fly, making sure it was loud enough to be heard. Slapping the belly and holding on loosely to hear the smacking sound.

I wasn’t sure if she actually came to watch or even heard it, until my girlfriend and her sister came home the next night. The sister asks, with a little smile on her face, did the two of you enjoy your time together, mom replies, I know one of us did haha...sis asks...what do you mean? Mom just shook her head and walked in her bedroom. The beginning of mom and my many outings together.

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  • When I was 18 my girlfriend and I would watch TV with her Mom. GF and I would lay parallel on the couch, covered by a blanket. All she had on was robe like dress. Slowly but surely I'd work my dick into her pussy and just sort of leave it there. Occasionally she squeeze her pussy a couple times. -- she could crush a cucumber -- a real athlete. Sooner or later her mom would leave and we'd really go to town. But one night the GF made like an ouch face when I went in. He Mom goes "Billy, you're not in her ass are you?"
    She goes and tells us she knows we fuck there every night -- and that's better than doing it a car in her book -- but why not really do it right -- in your bed.

  • I was visiting my long distance girlfriend once. Her parents are party animals and were out super late one night. Her mom came home, but the dad didn't. My girlfriend got up early to go to work and I stayed in bed. I figured I would rub one out because the GF was on the rage and I didn't get any. So there I am in her bed, stroking my beautiful cock and her mom stumbles into the room. She's obviously still drunk AF. I flip and cover myself, but she just stumbles to the bed, rips off the covers and starts rubbing my cock. I'm in too much shock to do anything. Then she starts sucking it and I can't even believe what's happening. It feels great, but I'm scared as hell. She jumps on top of me and starts riding. I came inside her within a few minutes and she kept going until she came. I almost came a second time. When she rolled off I was so close I kept jerking it and put my cock back inside her to cum again and she just smiled at me. It was amazing. It never happened again, but I jerk off to the memory all the time.

  • If not for my 7 years experience of living with 2 sisters and a hot horny widow I’d probably have a hard time believing this happens but I’m sure it happens more than people realize .

  • Oh it definitely happens. My mom went through a big drugs and drinking phase after stepdad number two left. She’d come home blind drunk and or craZy high. My brothers friends would just have a heyday with her. Once I came down to find her just glassy eyes but moaning and bouncing up and down on some guys lap, tits out. An other time she straight up passed out in the hall, and I got to wake up to one of my brothers friends grunting as he fucked her while she snored.

  • Mom was a coke ho? How old was she? Those drugged up coke heads are so easy, they’ll blow you for $5

  • That was in her 30s. It was the 80s. I remember her going out to party with huge hair and a lot of makeup and her boobs falling out the bottom of her top.

  • It happens. I later found out my GF's parents were singers. The Dad never came home because he probably went home with another woman that night. The mom came home and heard me jerking off and decided she wanted some too. It never happened again because she did what she wanted with me and that was that. No emotional connection created, just sexual release. The daughter ended up being a bore and we broke up several months later. Ironic that her mom created the sexual memory I love to jerk off to all of the time.

  • Stay tuned to see how much mom liked it...a regular thing with peep shows.

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