Body for sale part 1

Back when I was in college, i bought bitcoin to order drugs off the Silk road. Bitcoin where useless back in 2010 but silk road proved to be a good way to buy drugs with just the click of a button. I saved 150 bitcoin on a harddrive like my buddies told me to do, to keep them safe. Fast forward 7 years, i completely forgot about bitcoins and the silk road (mainly because it was closed down lol)
It was time to move out of my parents’ house so i was throwing some stuff away. Untill i found a flashdrive in a container that said ‘Bitcoin’ on it.
Lets just say i made a healthy profit by selling these bitcoins.
I was young, single and full of cash. So i was ready to take on the world.
I broke up with my ex a year before, because she had fallen in love with somebody else. It hurt me, not gonna lie.
She had a great body. 1m63, petite with 75d breasts. Perfectly round, firm znd small nipples. Her ass was a bit smaller, due to her physique. Her pussy was like a gorilla grip, looked small but you could jam 4 fingers in and she wouldn’t resist. Seeing as how she was greek, she could take it up the ass without giving too much of a kick.
My penis isn’t that long. But what it lacks in lenght, it has in girth, i have been told. We (me, her and her new boyfriend) worked at the same company, she and i had the same functions and her BF was part of my team. So things got awkward a bunch of times.
They lived in an appartment which i knew they could hardly afford. I knew what they both earned in a month and what her financial situation was when we broke up. I bumped into them when exiting a store. She heard about my recent financial gains and was dismissive that money cannot buy happiness. The way they looked at me made me relive all the pain she caused me during and after our relationship. So i was out to seek revenge. And i knew just how to get it.

A few days after our encounter, i stopped by at their appartment. I rang the bell and my ex opened the door. “What are you doing here?” She said. “I want to pay you 15k cash to have you all to myself for 24hours.” “WHAT? Have you lost your mind? Get out of here?!” She screamed to me. I suggested that she gave it some thought and if she agrees, just send me a text with ‘ok’ in it.
She looked at me for a second and slammed the door in my face. “Well that went smoothly” i said to myself and left the building.
A few days later, out of nowhere i suddenly got a text from my ex saying ‘ok’. I said that i would come over the next day at 08:00 and asked her to wear something sexy for me, if i liked what she did, i would pay her more.
The next day came and i rang their bell. She opened up wearing a very loose tanktop she stole from her boyfriend and nothing else. “Good enough for you?” “This will do for now” i replied. She started kissing me and undoing my pants to reveal my gift for her waiting underneath. “Did you miss it?” I asked. “Sometimes i do, my BF dick isn’t that wide as yours.” Without hesitation, she got down on her knees and welcomed my dick in her mouth. Her headgame wasn’t that good so i took matters in my own hands. I jammed her head in one firm motion against my pelves and heard her gasping for air. After a few seconds, i released her and was hoping she was reduced to tears. The money would be worth every penny if she’d realised she sold her body to me and started to regret it. Sound harsh, but i didn’t (and still don’t) care about her anymore. “Good girl” i said and slapped her on cheeks. She gasps for air and laid on the table, spreading her legs and telling me to do my worst. I was amazed at how slutty she can be if money is involved. I pressed my tip against her and started to rub my dick, which made her body shock a little bit. Without much consideration of what she liked, i rammed my dick balls deep in her pussy. She grabbed my back and i heard a slight screech of pain. That made me push it deeper untill i she told me it hurt. I stopped for a moment to let her walls adapt to my lid and watched her gasp for air. When she caught her breath, i started to give her long strokes. Tip to balls, i pounded her slowly. Until i noticed she started to enjoy it, i started to fuck her faster and faster, deeper and deeper. “Holy shit, please fuck me harder, please” she screamed. The table was squeeking while her tits were flopping up and down. God she was so hot, pinned beneath me. I wanted to cum but didn’t. I wanted to enjoy every hole of her body as much and long as possible. Once i noticed she was enjoying me pounding her, i grabbed her by her throat and started to choke her. First it was a little bit, untill i started squeezing harder and harder to the point tears were rolling down her eyes. “Do you still trust me?” I asked. “Yes” she mumbled, “although i am afraid you will hurt me unintentionally”
I let go of her throat and picked her up to fuck her hard against the wall. She was light and surprisingly flexible, so i put her legs over my shoulders. She started screaming like crazy “harder, deeper, godddamn it hurts so good”
I didn’t knew she was a squirter, guess she didn’t knew either. I felt a warm sensation agains my dick and she was shaking like crazy. I dropped her on the floor and asked her to clean me up. “Yes daddy” she replied and took my dick up in her mouth again. While she was sucking me clean, she asked “can you please pump my pussy full of your hot cum now, Daddy?”. I grabbed her, planted my penis inside her and continued fucking her against the wall. I put her legs on my shoulders again so i can bust deep inside her. “Yes, yes, fill me up, daddy”. I came inside her and filled her up to the brim. I couldn’t believe how much i came, neither could she. I swapped some cum that was dripping out of her and asked how we tasted. After licking my fingers clean, she said “like the best fuck i ever had, that was amazing”. “What are you talking about? We’re not finished yet”. She smiled at me and continued to clean my dick for the remaining juices. “Now go grab me a glass of water”, i said. “Yes, daddy” she replied cheeky.
After some rehydration, i asked what she told her boyfriend. “Nothing, he doesn’t know about your offer. I told him i will be working from home today and that my grandma was coming over tonight. So he’s gonna stay at his parent’s house”. “You greedy slut.” She got angry and told me that he’s not my concern. We moved on to her bedroom where i asked for a lapdance to get my dick hard again. She put on ‘buttons’ by pussycat dolls and gave one hell of a performance. After i was ready to go again, i asked her if she still has the buttplugs i once bought her. She looked at me awkwardly and said “i don’t know where they are. I don’t let my BF fuck me in the ass yet”. “well then, i want to fuck you in the ass, so you better go look for them.” she dropped down on her knees with her ass up and said “no, you can stretch me out yourself”. I used her pussy for lubrication and was slowly putting my dick inside her ass. “Damn, your as tight as the first time i fucked you”. She wasn’t amused as she was fighting the pain. Once my tip was in, i started to fuck her harder and harder, untill my dick was halfway in. I stopped for a moment to enjoy the view when she asked me to go slow because it hurt. I wasn’t going to let her tell me what to do. So i told her “ok, if you want me to fuck you slower, facetime your boyfriend. Make sure he doesn’t notice i’m here.” “Are you crazy? How am i supposed to do that?” She looked up at me and i gave her a hard poke, inserting my dick a little further. “Ok, fine!!” She yelled. I wasn’t planning on slowing down, but she didn’t know that. He answered the phone and she started to talk to him while i was slowly fucking and stretching her ass. When he asked what she was doing, she replied “nothing, just chilling in the bed”. He started telling her about his awefull day, while i was slowly pushing my dick further inside her. Untill i couldn’t help myself anymore and started to fuck her harder. The first push she let out a scream of pain. When he asked what was wrong, she told him there was a spider. As talking was getting harder, i took my dick out her, to her relief. Then he was closing off and told her he loves her. When she was going to tell him the same, i put my dick back inside her ass, just where i left off. “I…love… you too, baby.” As soon as the conversation was over, she started to get angry with me. But seeing as i am a lot stronger than her, i could control her with one arm as i continued to destroy her asshole. I felt a 2nd orgasm coming so i started pushing witv my full weight and creamed that donut up good. Once done, i pushed her off me and told her to keep her ass up for a moment. Cum started bubbling out her bruised asshole as she started to shake. “Damn, even after a hard fuck like that, you came anyway?” She was unresponsive. I took the liberty of taking soms pics of the cum dripping out her ass, onto her pussy. “Please, give me a quick break”, “ok” i said. I cleaned my dick off inside her pussy and told her to keep my cum inside her for as long as possible. We chilled in the bed a while when she told me she was getting hungry. I told her we could go grab a bite in the city.

Please check part 2 to read how this ended :) trust me, it’s worth it.

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    • Because of dickheads like you Ross ulbrecht is doing life in prison

    • Just go to an erotica site with this trite bs.

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