I had a bit of luck a few days ago I have to go to doctors every month for an injection well was in the nurse room and nurse was my x wife was not looking forward to her given but needed so said to myself she be fine doing as other side curtains there was a baby getting their injections, well dropped my trousers so was ready for and the baby started crying and the nurse that side said it be fine mum will give you a hug laughing I turned to my nurse will I get hug after if I cry well she just smiled after we had done she said I need take examination room and do a check on you we walked to the room I walked in asking why the check as never had before and as a hormone injection to help get a boner she turned locked the door and looked back at me and said yes I need to make sure it working moving closer to me and starting to rub my cock over my trousers but I said that I married again she looked at me saying this medical, not anything more and that dont want get her in trouble for not doing her job and as un ziped me and now rubbing me and was getting hard on when she got on her knees starting sucking me till real hard then she got up and said looks like that part works but need see if works fully and she turned arond pulled her knickers down and leaning over desk showing her rear end and pulling bum cheaks apart looking at me said go on need make sure stays hard and cums so fill her up , know was cheating on my new wife but as medical not anything else and my x did not feel guilty and yes was good with the x she allways was good and she still had shaking orgasms that felt good given and was not long after cum inside her , i moved back sat on chair and said well was that working ok she had sat on desk top and was had one foot also spreading ahe legs and pussy showing my cum starting drip out she said well could help her and get a wipe and clean for her unless need rest for bit and just look at her and as she was now rubbing her clit with a finger while still holding pussy open and see if you can get hard again so I did just sit and watch and see her have another orgasm she said that now I have clean or they wonder where she is and yes passed ok and thank you as it been a while since she had cock and good orgasm and she book me in for next month when she working if im ok about i smiled said as for medical reason I be ok about so we had little hug and i left looking forward to next visit and forgot all about pain from injection

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    • Learn what grammar is....and also, met up with a nurse while she was at work n fucked her in the hospital bathroom.

    • Wish you all read the nurse was my x wife and sex was never a problem with us in fact was great for both of us but I worked away so much still don't matter hopefully be getting another go in few weeks

    • Because of the new deadly Delta variant, she'll probably be too busy dancing in TikTok videos

    • I just fucked a nurse in the hospital parking lot she let me do it for my meds so I guess what that guy wrote about nurses is true

    • They is a movie on XVideos call "Slutty Nurse Get-up" and y'all should watch it, it about a nurse, it have a compelling story

    • That my friend is the Citizen Kane of nurse-cinema

    • BS I hope that’s not what u think when a real nurse gives u a shot đź‘€

    • That's bullshit, so I'll tell you the truth. All nurses are addicts. Every. One. As such, they will make fucking bad decisions involving drugs and money. Which often involve cock. End of story. Nothing romantic about it. Just a lot of hot jizz shot onto and into nurses. And then drugs, and often money.

    • Only in your sick mind! When you need medical help are sure you tell your nurse your views!

    • Facts don't care about your feelings, sweetheart. Nurses are all addicts (ok, maybe not three of them) and you can't deny it. Long hours, stressful situations, and accessibility to drugs make it so. There are a million studies that PROVE it so. So the fact that you don't LIKE the fact doesn't make it TRUE. When I need medical help I will know the nurse is a fucking wreck, and I will probably know her from my NA group where disgraced nurses suck my dick in the parking lot for Fentanyl. So fuck you and your belief in unicorns, they don't exist!

    • 100% bull shit! Yes there are a few bad nurse's but that is in every profession! Like I say next you need medical care please tell your nurse your views!

    • You’re retarded. Nurses steal so many goddamn drugs, major hospitals have an entire division called the Drug Diversion Detection Unit (or something like that) specifically to deal with it. You don’t have it in *any* other profession. It’s a high-stress profession where you work long late hours and can use your patients drugs. But you’re like “well every profession has the same ratio of addiction” HA HA yeah right, kindergarten teachers and IT guys are all gobbling stolen opioids cuz they threw their back out moving a patient. You’re a fucking idiot. I work in the medical world so know more about nurses than anyone, you moron. I tell them the hard facts about drug abuse ALL THE TIME.

    • I have been a Nurse for over 30 years! So no you don't know more about nurses then I do! I just spent 8 month treating Covid19 patients and have saw more deaths in the 8 months then I saw in all the years of nursing! Our team of nurses worked 48 to 60 hours a week treating them! We where overloaded with patients, so fuck you and that reply!

    • Yeh why don't you tell me how they do it!

    • "It"? You're going to have to be a bit more specific than that, dopey. Do you mean how do they steal drugs? Do I have to school you on the intricacies of falsifying drug inventory paperwork? Or diverting medication from patients either whole or in part during administration of the drug? I had one nurse gave a shit-ton of patients Hep C because she would use a needle on herself and then them. I had another who would steal Fentanyl from vials and then refill them with saline. How will YOU feel when you need painkillers and get saline instead because some addict nurse stole your drugs? Oh and you WON'T tell them because it might hurt their feelings.

    • Yes you have to tell me how they steal drugs from the hospital!

    • Thats pure bull shit! All opiates and schedule1 drugs are packaged for single use! The pharmacist puts a bar code on each one then loads a Pyxis machine in the drug room on the floor with a small amount of those drugs. Example oxycodone is in a metal paper foil single use with a bar code attached to it and they are placed in the Pyxis machine! The nurse who gets the meds has to use her badge to open the drug room door and then the Pyxis unit and barcode each drug to the right patient before the machine will dispense the drugs, all under video surveillance. If she tries to open the package the barcode will be damaged and she won't be able to scan it again! When she gets to the room she has to scan the patient first! She has to tell the patient what they are getting then scan the pills in front of her computer that is watching her too. Only after that she can give the patient his meds! For Fentanyl shots they have to be witnessed by an another nurse! The bottle is single use with tamper proof barcodes on them! If a patient is on fentanyl and does not get his shot he will go into severe withdraws and know something is wrong! If the Pyxis machine comes up short then video surveillance will find the culprit stealing. Plus fentanyl and Morphine is brought up by a pharmacist to the nurse it is not stored in a Pyxis machine. Even aspirin is packaged that way and unless the nurse has a patient that needs it it will not be dispensed without a patient barcode! If a patient refuses his meds they must go back to Pyxis or they won't add up! But there is a few nurses that thought they could beat the system but they all get caught! What a nurse does outside of a hospital is not the fault of the hospital!

    • OMG I know allll about the MedStation and completing your Medication Administration Record and there are so many ways to cheat the system and yes, you will get caught! I'm not saying they DON'T get caught. And in the process of stealing drugs they cause all sorts of problems. For example, there are major studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Mayo Clinic, that detail the contamination of drugs and major US outbreaks BECAUSE OF NURSES tampering with them. YOUR hospital is fortunate enough to have the resources to deal with the problem, which obviously was BIG FUCKING PROBLEM, to expend the resources to counter all those junkie fuckin' nurses.

    • We fired this one nurse because she OD'd in her apartment and they found 2000 Oxycodone pills. Got involved with some Cuban drug runners and now she fucks for drugs. One of our orderlies got whacked because he was trading drugs for pussy but she was claimed by a pimp and the pimp shot him execution style. Point being, the medical establishment in general and nurses in particular, think they're holier-than-thou lifesavers, but they're just a crazy person with Borderline Personality Disorder trying to convince you of their greatness but will only drag you down into hell.

    • You really think all nurses do that? I know what you are doing and you will not get me mad at all! So give up on that!

    • Ha ha ha! Take it up with your precious nurses union!

    • Bull shit asshole

    • What the fuck was that crap! Learn how to write and use punctuation correctly!
      Then come up with something that is believable! The nurse room is where all the nurses do their charting and have breaks idiot!

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