Dirty talk

Women I love when my woman talks dirty to me during sex. I love when she tells me to fuck her hard. Or she plays and tells me how she got fuck by the repairman while I was at work. Or she tells me u want me to suck your friend's cock while u fuck my ass. Or she tells me two guys picked her up when she was out and got fucked by them. It drives me crazy thinking about it. Such a turn on. Women try this with your husband.

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  • My wife knows all about my fantasies of her getting fucked by other men, so she'll use this to great effect when we fuck...I'm sorry, when we "make love." She'll tell me stories of the various neighborhood hubbies fucking her whenever I'm gone on a business trip. So realistic and full of detail!

    Makes me cum so hard. Makes me wonder at the same time.

  • I like that too. Once she's had enough Wine, she'll say anything. I ask her to tell me how she sucked off the Neighbor Boys when she was young. Then I ask her if would suck Cock for me? "Oh yeah I would, I'd suck any Guy you want me to suck. You can film it and watch me sucking them off and taking all their Cum"

  • Love it that great its like having a threesome with out your wife being with another man

  • That's a good Scenario. I'll have to ask my Wife to use that.

  • Took a while to get my wife into dirty talk. We came up with a scenario where she has to have sex with a well-endowed cop to get us out of trouble and I have to watch. She's usually using her vibrator and cums pretty quickly when I start bringing up the cop bending her over at the trunk of his car and lowering her panties.

  • Isn't that great it like having a threesome without anyone actually fucking her. It works well for me

  • I worked with a woman that I would sometimes go to lunch with. She would regale me with stories of sex with old boyfriends, and ex husbands. Because it turned her on, I'd do the same. One day she asked me what I liked my wife to do, in bed. My desires were like most men, except for getting my nipples played with and sucked, which she found titillating ( no pun intended ). My only complaint was my wife's lack of imagination, and reluctance to talk dirty to me, be vocal about what she wanted me to do to her. She told me she would talk as dirty as they wanted, and instruct in dirty detail what she wanted done to her.
    When she and I went off on a company training exercise in another town, we got our chance. After dinner, wine, dancing and schmoozing we retired to her room. When we got down to business, she tweaked and twisted my nipples, chiding, " How do you like that, motherfucker ? Ahhh-haaaa, you LOVE that fucking shit, doncha ? Get down there and eat my pussy ! You'd better eat it good, too, you fucking dog ! Ohhhh, fuck yeah, YEAH, like that, yes, yes, yes, THERE ! Right fucking there, do that more...and, HARDER you pussy-eating bastard ! AHHHHHH !!! " Then, " Stick that fucking hard cock in me, NOW ! Ummm, yeah, YES, ram that fucking thing, RAM IT ! " On my part, I stayed pretty quiet until right before cumming, then I growled, "Here it comes you fucking cumslut bitch ! " We both came loudly, together. Later she asked, "Do you really think I'm a cumslut ? " I just laughed.

  • That's great I love when they talk dirty to me and say your gonna be my bitch tonight.

  • She is now trying to move away from the subject either she is embarrassed or does not want to hurt you.

  • Do you think she has been with anyone else thou?

  • No were playing

  • When me and my wife was having sex I asked her if she had ever fucked anybody else , Taking this into consideration when I met her she was 16 and told me other than kissing and having her tits felt nothing else had ever happened to her . She is 36 now so when we was in the heat of passion and I asked her this she hesitated then said yes , I thought she was saying it to turn me on so I asked her what it was like she said good , I then said was he big she said yes really big it hurt me that's when I thought this is true , I asked her did he come she said yes once in me and after in my mouth I was shocked . When we had finished I asked her who he was she said you don't want to know , I said I do but then she changed and said she made it all up to turn me on and would not talk about it anymore .What's your thoughts ?

  • She probably was. Not let your mine plays games enjoy it and encourage her to make up stories. That's want I do and she plays along. No harm done.

  • It was your dad fucking her.

  • No, my dad was fucking your mother in the ass that's how u were conceived..

  • Your mom is a meth whore

  • She wasn't making that up. Clearly she fucked this other guy, and I'll bet there are others. Probably even from your own neighborhood.

  • I don't know how i could ever find out she just won't discuss it with me , She doesn't seem the sort but once when we was having sex she felt different bigger down below if you know what I mean !

  • Enjoy it!

  • What do you mean , Wht should I do !

  • Nothing

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