It just happened

I would like to start by saying that I have never condoned cheating. I have had friends that have cheated on their husbands and felt like they were horrible people after. I've been married for 17 year's and up until a few weeks ago I've been totally faithful to him. This sounds so stupid but we had friends over for drinks and bbq. I was cleaning up and taking things into our house, my husband's friend Brad started helping. The rest of everyone was having a good time in the back yard. Brad and I were in the kitchen when I dropped a bowl on my foot. I sat on a chair and was rubbing it better when he decided to help. He started at my foot but soon went up my leg , I'm not sure why I didn't stop . He continued to go up my leg until he reached my thigh, I closed my eyes as he went further and started rubbing my vagina through my shorts. Suddenly there was a noise and we both jumped. Later as the party started to fizzle I kept noticing Brad staring at me and smiling. There was only a couple people left and my husband was getting out of control drunk. Brad tells him hey buddy let me help you into the house and with that he helped him get up and in there. Brad says well let me help you finish putting everything away , the others got up and left. We were in the kitchen again we could hear my husband snoring in the living room , Brad started rubbing my back then his hands went around the front as he grabbed my boob's. I did nothing I just stood there. His hands slid down to the front of my shorts , he undid the button and zipper. He then in one motion pulled my shorts and panties to the ground. I put my hands on the counter and felt him get behind me. I spread my legs a little as I felt him go in. It felt huge like something out of a magazine or something. He was thrusting so hard I started making noise. He put his hand over my mouth and continued. Then Bam he was going crazy as he was cumming inside me. We've seen each other 7 more times since that day.

2 months ago

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    • Sounds fun the more the better

    • Did you suck his cock?

    • Yes

    • Your a whore and tramp.

    • I know I am

    • Do your husband a favour and confess, so he can divorce your cheating ass.

    • Dam girl just enjoy it while you can. Only two things can happen. He finds out and divorces you or he finds out and let's it keep happening.

    • Do men/husband's really just let it happen after they find out ??

    • For some of us it's a major kink. There's nothing in the world that turns me on more than knowing that my wonderful wife is giving another man unrestricted access to her body and fully enjoying her sexuality.

      That said, she doesn't do it behind my back. I honestly would love to find out that she was, but I'm in the minority. But yeah, it happens. I'd suggest seeing if there's any way to bring your husband along on your new journey.

    • I did. My wife from one guy to the next for about 15 years. Now it's just me and her

    • That's very interesting to me , the reason is that I love my husband , but can't resist the sex with his friend.

    • Thats all it is just sex. That's why I never divorced my wife. She was just having fun getting laid

    • C'est la vie. Shit happens.

    • You did that with your husband in the other room? wow. you are low.. really. that's cold... and this friend is such a friend after all... looks like we know what he was after....

    • I have noticed him staring at me prior to that day, many times. I think you're right.

    • When I was coming up I pretty much only slept with married women. At the time it seemed like single women my age had no interest in me and married women hunted me. Of the men that knew their expressed opinions ran the gamut and seemed to change. Why do I bring this up at this post? One of my male coworkers asked me to make a run at his wife and it went down pretty pretty much like this OP.

      When he first brought it up with me it was in the context of shit-testing his wife. He claimed he wanted the truth so he basically answered any question I asked and started inviting me over a lot. When I finally made my move she went right for it. It was fun and when we were done she was shocked at herself but not upset.

      The next time I saw him I didn't have to tell him she went for it. Somehow he knew. I asked him what was next. He paused a long time with pursed lips before he explained he wasn't sure. Ever since that night his marriage as been at an all time best. He said, for now, I was free to try to keep things going with her but it will end. That end didn't come until after I got transferred to another city. She didn't know that he knew the entire time.

    • I’m a 37m that’s been married for 13 years who’s never cheated and don’t intend to….but having said that, the older I get the weaker i feel like my self control is getting. I’m not sure what I would do either if an attractive women started to touch me in areas that would get me riled up. I often wonder if I would just allow it or what I’d do? Obviously you liked it as you’ve seen him multiple times since… it him or you arranging it all? Are you feeling it just for him or are you scoping out other men now too? Just curious as to what’s going through your mind.

    • You were seduced, your pussy reacted. Perfect storm thing. Good looking guy, comfort you injury, drunk passed out husband. -- Most married women react the same way. Have fun with it, be careful -- I got caught, almost divorced, embarrassing as fuck -- 3rd person knows, everyone soon knows. Keep and end date in mind. I'm much more careful with my new FWB. Never fuck in a car (trust me)

    • Thank you , he has really been trying to get with me alot since then. We have had sex in his truck but after your advice I won't do that again. Thank you.

    • You are a douche bag slut now!

    • Thanks I realize that already.

    • I know all too well about the unexpected affair. My wife's bestfriend and I have been having an affair for 12 years now. Call us lucky or whatever, maybe we just don't take stupid risks, but we have been having sex whenever we can for 12 years now and nevert been caught. It started by accident. She and I both worked for the same place and they closed the doors. We had been out job hunting and the bills were piling up, and my wife and her husband were hounding us to find a job in the middle of the 2009 economic recession. We had both went and put in an application at a place over an hour away and were on our way back when she broke down crying. She pulled over and we started to talk. Then it just happened. We had sex in the backseat of her minivan. We realized that we cared for eachother as we understand what eachother was going through, but we also knew that leaving our spouses to be with eachother would destroy two families with children. So we decided to have our relationship when and if it were convenient. Maybe when our kids are grown and out of the houses, we may reconsider, but for now it is what it is.

    • You're a cheater now!

    • I know

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