Neighbors wife

My neighbors wife asked me for numerous favors and since she is very attractive I never had a problem saying no and never expected anything in return. She would always make comments in how lucky my wife was having me as a husband. Her husband Brad was a jerk but never treated m bad. One day when she asked me to help her set up a ladder for pool that was shipped to her residence. Once i got there I noticed she was in shorts and a bikini top. All I could think of was her removing her shorts so I could finally see her nice round perfect ass. After about 45 minutes I noticed she came outside in a very skimpy bikini bottom. I had a hard time keeping my eye off her the entire time.
She knew I was watching her ass every time she walked away. I wanted so bad to just go grab her right bubble ass and rub it as much as I wished. The next few days she invited me and my wife and several of their friends for a pool party.
After the party had ended everyone started to leave. Her husband Brad had taken so many shots he was out early.
I felt the need to help her clean up. Once I was in the shower room she closed the door and started kissing me. At the same time she started trying to unzip my pants.I hesitated when she said she’s been waiting for this moment. She was driving her tongue in my mouth and letting out loud moans. It was long before she had my cock out rubbing it then while we were kissing she was trying to get me to fuck her through her shorts. After fucking her like this for a while I finally bent her doggie and fucked her as hard as I could. I never gave using a condom any thought. I just exploded inside of her ad she let out a deep sigh. Her pussy felt so much different and tighter than my wife’s. After we finished she kissed me again and told me she enjoyed it and hoped I did. I was scared and shocked at the same time. The entire week it just seemed like all the other neighbors started commenting on how hot she looked and sort of lusting over her.
I felt guilty but it was the hottest sex I had in a long time. Thank you Stacy


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  • That's awesome. Did your wife ever find out? Did you ask if she was on the pill before you started fucking? She sounds hot. I'm guessing you might get another opportunity with her. Will you go for it again?

  • Sweet!

    'I hesitated when she said she’s been waiting for this moment...'

    Always seem to 'hold back' a bit. Let her conclude ... 'yeah -- he tries to resist, but I can get in any time I want!'

    Well done!

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