I don't understand OnlyFans dot com

I mean who is paying for porn?

There is literally free porn around every corner of the internet, so why would anyone pay someone a monthly fee for access to their OnlyFans page?
Are people really that stupid they will pay for something that is massively available for free?

3 months ago

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    • Its mostly amateurs I know some bar maids that are fricken hot. Tell some there customers they got a only fan's site. One be getting fucked other walk around naked rubbing there shit.

    • The thing why OF is so popular is bc ‘the girl next door’ could be on OF. The amateur aspect is much more alive than in regular porn. Honestly, i don’t pay for porn or OF. That’s some simp stuff

    • Free porn is only a trailer for pay porn! A lot of hot porn trailers show hot action and end without a finish. When you pay for porn you get access to full length movies and complete action!

    • You're a fucking idiot. There are literally thousands upon thousands of webpages with full length porn videos for free. If you pay for it, you're fucking retard.

    • Hey stupid do a free trial and then come back and comment asshole!

    • Hey fucktard. Learn how to use GOOGLE, you fucking retard!!!

    • I know how to use google idiot! What you get for free is lame compared to what you pay for! Haven't you learned you always get what you pay for!
      When you join these porn site you get more access to much more graphic videos and you can cam to cam with live girls or whatever you want! Pay videos have so much more details and are ready hardcore compared to free! More action happing faster so much more to chose from.
      Don't knock something till you tried it!

    • If they develop a fixation on one specific person, and enjoy watching them have sex, and they can afford it, have at it.

    • I agree, the pay-for sites are often for fans of specific actors / actresses , and is the best way to follow them.

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