I still love it

When I was a kid my parents decided to let me stay home without a baby sitter on summer break. After the first day I became bored and started digging around in their room. I found some porn mag's and a few books. I got so turned on I was stroking all over the house. I couldn't wait for them to leave for work in the morning. Well it only lasted a few days before my aunt came to stay with us for the summer. One day I snagged one of the porn books,hid it under my shirt and told my aunt I was going out to play. I rode my bike over to the school and went under the bleachers. I took off all my clothes even my socks and shoes. I took the magazine over to this little box that was there knelt down and started stroking while turning the pages. All of a sudden there was a noise behind me , I jumped up and turned around to see the old man that mowed the school property standing there. I tried to cover up. He was standing between me and my clothes. I was so embarrassed , he says to me go ahead and finish I want to watch you finish. I shook my head no so he says well I guess I have to call the police and your parents. I said ok ok please don't tell anyone. He came closer and said well get to it let's see what you have. I moved my hands away from my dick that was still hard ,he says that's cute go ahead and finish now. I started stroking and soon I was shooting everywhere. He smiled and said doesn't that feel better. I said yes , he came very close to me and said maybe I should help him , he undid his pants and flopped out his dick. He moved right up to me took my hand and put it on his dick. I was stroking him and it was big and hard. He took his hands and put them on my shoulders and started pushing me to my knees. Then he said put it in your mouth I did what he said , his hips started moving in and out a few minutes later he filled my mouth, when I pulled my face back he continued to cum on my face and hair. He stood my up and realized that I was hard again. He started stroking me and giving my dick some light slap's. This made me have the biggest hardest nut of my young life. I have had so many other encounters with him and his friends it's to much to get into here.

1 month ago

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    • The gardener at my school was busy fucking all the little girls and I was like awwww what's wrong with me so I tried dressing up in girly clothing to attract me and he hit me so hard in the crotch with a rake handle I had a serious testicle injury which of course I couldn't tell anyone about

    • Sick fucking child porn!

    • I was the kid

    • I was the gardener now get back here under the bleachers!

    • You're right you were just a kid who was molested and he screwed with your head as well as your body. It was not your fault. He arrested your development which should have been sex with a girl who you chose and who chose you. You are not gay, and should not feel as if any of this was your fault. And if you enjoyed it it does not make it your fault as sex feels good. I am sorry that he molested you and it does not make you gay, or anything bad. Just try to push the image of him out of your mind and replace it with the girl your with now every time he pops into your head during sex. I hope this helps.

    • That don't matter! It is a story about a kid having sex with an old man! Child porn! I don't matter who was the kid or old man!

    • It does matter since he was the victim here. He was a child and it's never the child's fault. Have some compassion for someone who was molested. Blame the molester, not the kid.

    • But just think how velvet-y and succulent his small mouth was on that gardener's wretched throbbing tool! You know you love it

    • So you'r a sick fag who likes children! They will rip you apart in prison!

    • Mmmm prison dick

    • Did he fuck your anus later on?

    • It was a few months later but yes

    • Sick fucks

    • If you want to hear more , you can give me your email or K iK id

    • Hot man love to hear more.

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