Super Excited for Vacation

I'm super excited I scheduled a vacation for me and my wife to a resort in Florida for a week next month. So yesterday me and her went shopping and she picked out this hot little bikini that becomes totally see through when it gets wet. I asked her if she was really going to wear it around other people and get wet. She has told me several times now that she will. So I'm really excited to go and see if she really does.

Truth be told, I would love nothing more than to watch another guy fuck her while we're on vacation, but she said that will never happen. She doesn't mind showing off her body, but draws the line at anyone else touching her. I fantasize that we get drunk and she gives in and let's a guy fuck her. Makes me crazy fucking hard just thinking about her getting fucked by another guy. Even right now as I type this out, my dick is rock fucking hard.

Man I hope she changes her mind and lets another guy fuck her pussy and suck on her tits while we're down there. Who wouldn't love it if their spouse said it was okay to fuck someone else in front of them?

16 days ago

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