My wife is hot!

I told my wife about my fantasy of imagining her flirting, dating and being intimate with other guys. Initially she was really confused and reluctant to consider doing anything. Eventually, the fantasy became a regular part of our sex life and over time and she began to flirt with other guys when out with her friends. She would come home and tell me that she flirted and danced with some random guy and had sneaked away from her group and enjoyed kissing and touching each other. It would get pretty intense and I would cum hard as she gently stroked me and confessed her flirty adventures. I was encouraging her to go further and on one occasion she went on a Spanish holiday with a group of girlfriends. She text me one night and said she had met a guy on a night out and would text me later to let me know how things were going. It turns out she done her usual and wandered away from the group to get closer to the guy. She says it got really passionate, she was rubbing his hard cock thru his jeans, while she was sat on a bar stool in a quiet corner of a nightclub, she opened her legs for him. While kissing passionately he slid his hands up inside her dress and started to rub her clit through her knickers, he eventually pulled them to the side and fingered her to orgasm right there in the club while she gripped him tightly. She said it didn’t go any further and she left with her girlfriends. I can’t get the image out of my mind. She has admitted that when she’s alone she touches herself, comes thinking of him and wishes she’d let him fuck her. She has his phone number, but doesn’t want to message him. Should I push it? Id love for them to get together for a naughty weekend.

1 month ago

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