When I was a young teen I secretly dressed in sexy women's clothes. There was no online stores to get whatever you wanted by mail. There was no Amazon where you could buy sexy outfits and have them secretly sent to you. Back in those days I had to physically go to the store and muster up the nerve to buy the stockings I wanted or the heels I liked. All the time hoping the clerk didn't think they were for me. It took me a long time to muster up even the smallest amount of courage to even go into a women's store and even look around. Now these young sissies have it so much easier. They can get whatever they want through the mail. I'm much older now but I still have that desire to secretly dress in women's sexy things. I just came from a website looking at dildos. I remember when I had a small collections of dildos. They prepared me for the many wonderful dicks I would eventually experience as a tranny girl . But at some point in life I had to get rid of them to keep my secret. Recently I have been thinking about ordering one or two from online to experience that long lost pleasure again. But I know that if I do I will probably turn into the sissy whore I used to be too. But the truth is, I need some dick.

1 month ago

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    • This all is so familiar...with a girly body and wearing women's panties and pantyhoses in my early teens I soon started seeing shemales and I found out that is who I am, one of them! And today my shemale friends...we all get together to fuck and suck each other and have the best nasty and naughty times together and get to cum in all our holes..oh so much cum to share with each other!!!

    • I remember when the first self check registers started showing up at discount stores. I went on a buying binge... lol

    • Wouldn't you admit that part of the thrill was having to go out and buy the stuff in person ? Sneaking around, lying to those sales ladies that the things were for a girl friend who just happened to be your same size ? The thing is, nobody gives a shit, anymore. That particular thrill is gone.

    • Yes you are right. That thrill is gone. But wearing women's sexy things still turns me on tremendously. That thrill will never leave me.

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