Never gay but now found soul mate.

For the last 12 weeks, I have been cumming in my roommate Tommy's ass several times a day.

Here is the back story. Tommy is very feminine looking. His hair is long for a guy and is not muscular has very little body hair at all and is mistaken for a woman alot. I never minded when if we sat on the couch and he snuggled against me I caught myself stroking his hair all the time. I also enjoyed taking him out to dinner and at the movies we always held hands. I just was so easy with him. Since he moved in 3 years ago, my relationships with women only last 2 or 3 months. For the last 3 Christmas seasons I only wanted to spend them with him. Many night he would lead me to his room and we would sleep together spooning. There was no sex but I found I hated not sleeping with him. I stopped sleeping over with the girlfriends I had. I come home and get into bed with him. He would look back at me as I held him, and say I missed you tonight. That how I felt.

Finally It started during early days of the lock down. He would go in his room early and I missed being with him. I hear him masturbating in his room. I became angry he was not hanging with me. Then one night I couldn't stop myself I stripped and walked in his room as he jerked. He looked at me and I got on his bed. I was hard I already and as I climbed on top of him and opened his legs and I pulled the dildo in his ass. He reached up to kiss me and I leaned in and we kissed for several minutes. He kissed better than any woman I had kissed before. I felt him take my cock and he guided me in. Tommy whimpered as I entered, he whispered "Your so big, it hurts." My cock is over 9 inches and thick. I said "Should I stop?" He said, "No, make my yours. I love you so much."

We made love for a half hour and I filled his ass with my cum. Sex has never been that good with a woman and for the first time in my life I was completely sexually satisfied. It been no stop sex with Tommy since that night. Tommy also cum from me fucking him, he said no man has every made him cum from anal. He doesn't want me to suck him, or to fuck me. He is a complete bottom. And want me to be a real man and use him like a woman.

I haven't said l love you to him. But I do.
Does it make me gay, to love a man, if I never jerk, blow or let him fuck my ass?

I treat him like a woman all the time now, I buy him flowers and hold him after sex. Last month he ordered some women clothes and heels and makeup. He is a beautiful woman. At seeing him in little mini skirts and heels walking around our apartment makes me rock hard. Tommy is the perfect person for me I want to ask him to marry me.

Have I turned gay, or it just him that is my one true love?


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  • Listen sweetie, once your cock got on Tommy's tight boypussy you never needed a woman again.

    A sissy can take any man from any woman, because we love sex and being sluts and want big cocks in us even if is agony. We'll fuck and suck you any place and any time. We want to be fucked publicly. We want you to cum in our mouth and ass because we love it. Woman only do it because they have to to hold a man.

    No woman loves a man as well as a sissy.

  • I love being a girl, for the boy's in my school. The feeling of them entering my boy-pussy is pure heaven. And tasting them as they cum in my mouth. They all say it better with me than a girl. I also dressup for them, makeup, skirt and heels are my favorite. I have shoulder length hair, pretty eyes, nice legs and a sexy butt.

    I'm 15 now, and started being a girl for boys at 13. My first was my 17 year old cousin.

  • I'm the same way too and I'm gonna be a freshman in high school. I never thought I'd ever be this way until it happened.

  • Just because I look like a girl more than a boy other boys think that I want to be with them for sex. Not all the time!

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